Eyes Open

Tahlia Kay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl, reads through a magazine when her eyes skim over an add: DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE IN THE 1D FANGIRL GAMES? SIGN UP NOW IN THE ADD BELOW!!!! Without thinking her and her four best friends Hayley, Cassie, Georgie and Morgan sign up, having an idea that it could be fake. When everything they have set on that idea is crushed, what happens? Well, let's just say they are gonna have to keep their eyes open.


17. Confessions and a tragedy

Cassie's P.O.V
"will you be mine?" asked Harry. I thought for a minute. What about the hate? I have to marry one of them one day. Will he treat me right? Do any of the other boys disrespect Harry's decision?
I made up my mind. "Yes Harry" he looked at me with his eyes filled with love. I saw him look at my lips, so I stepped forward and kissed him. I felt the butterflies in my stomach stir and buzz around. It felt so right. We pulled away and Zayn an Liam were clapping and cheering, with the occasional "get in there Harry!!" My life seems perfect, with this moment, I think that nothing could get me down right now. Until I was proved wrong. So terribly wrong.

Zayn's P.O.V
I am pacing back and fourth in my room. I had just come back from Harry's confession and I really want to do something, which is as good as what he did. I can't think of anything. I sat down on my bed and stared at photos of my past with my family. Some at my old house, some in the woods and some at the beach. That's when I thought of the perfect idea.

Niall's P.O.V
Rug, check. Food, check. Flowers, check. Umbrella,check. Picnic basket,check. I'm all ready. Now I just need Hayley and I'm all set. I hope this works.

Hayley's P.O.V
I'm walking through the tour bus, searching for a snack. I'm really hungry! I went into the kitchen and saw Niall standing there, facing away from me. "Niall??"
He turned around and smiled. He had a bouquet of roses in his hands, with a picnic basket in the other. I grinned and he said "would you like to accompany me on a date?" I nodded and started to turn around, but he caught my hand.
"Don't change, you look beautiful in what your wearing right now." I looked down at my clothes, track pants and a striped aqua and white singlet. Not the best, but if Niall doesn't want me to change, then I won't.
He led me out to a car and put a blind fold on me. I sat down in the passenger seat and he sat in the drivers seat. I heard the car start and we were off.
When we got to where we were going I heard Niall jump out of the car and come around to my side. He opened the door for me and helped me out of the car. I was wearing runners, so I couldn't feel what was beneath me. I was led to what felt like a blanket. The blind fold was taken off and I gasped.
We were at a beach, the exact one where I came to before the games.
Before the games I escaped and ran to this beach at night. No one noticed I was gone, except Niall. I thought I saw a figure standing under a tree.
"How did you know?" I whispered.
He said " I could hear your cries from my room, which was 3 down and one across from yours." He put his arm around me, and it felt right. "So I followed you, and found you at the beach, sitting by the water." He stared into my eyes. "And I watched you cry, not knowing how to make it better" he almost whispered the last bit. Our heads were touching. So I leant in a bit more...... And it started to rain. I jumped, which made our lips smash together. It felt like magic, that I didn't go through the games. I felt sparks, no, bombs. Our lips moved in perfect sync as the rain fell down our backs. It's gonna pay tomorrow, but I don't care. This moment is too good to be true. We pulled away and stared into each others eyes. We stood up, without a word, and started dancing in the rain. I faintly heard "Will you be mine?"
"Yes, I will be yours." He smiled and we leant in for a kiss..... When I saw a flash behind Niall. He kept smiling, oblivious to the fact that there is paparazzi. I got out of his grasp just as another flash went off, and grabbed our stuff and ran to the car. Niall followed, with a puzzled look on his face. I threw the soaring wet stuff into the car and closed the door. Niall pushed me onto the car. We looked into each others eyes and leant in, this time connecting the kiss. It was heaven, until I saw another flash and another and another. "Niall, paparazzi" I whispered in his ear. He ran around to the other side of the car and jumped in. I did the same on my side of the car, and we sped off.

When we got back, I opened the door to yelling. "YOU DON'T JUST GO AND PRANCE AROUND IN FRONT OF PAPS GEORGIE!!! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!" Screamed Morgan.
I heard silence and then Georgie yell "WELL, ACTUALLY I DON'T!!! MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE! STOP BOSSING US AROUND. ACTUALLY, GET OUT!!! GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!!" *slap* I heard Morgan cry out in pain and scream. She then said "Spitfire is done. There is no group of girls with a dream." I heard Cassie and Tahlia speak up "Guys stop it!" "JUST STOP!"
I walked around the corner and saw Cassie fuming at Georgie. Tahlia was on her knees crying and muttering "I always knew. I alway knew this would happen. My worst night mare has been brought to life." A crying Morgan was sitting in front of the couch, who looked like a water fall with the tears streaming down her face and rolling over her red cheek and falling into her hands.
"What happened?" Niall and I asked at the same time.
The girls looked around shocked. Morgan and Tahlia didn't acknowledge that I was here and kept muttering, crying and sniffling.
"I said WHAT HAPPENED?!?!" The girls looked scared. They hadn't seen me mad before. I walked over to Tahlia and gave her a hug. The same with Morgan. Niall pulled his phone out and called the boys. After 5 minutes Georgie started talking " i was outside giving the paps something to look at...." I cut her off "why?" She gulped. "I was bored??" She questioned. "Georgie, please go into your room and stay there until I tell you to come out. NOW!" She scurried to her room just as I heard the boys crash through the door with Sarah, who looked way better.
"What..... Happened....." Breathed Louis. He cut himself short when he saw Tahlia on the ground crying. Liam surveyed the scene and walked over to Morgan. He was whispering to her. She was nodding and crying. They hugged and he picked her up bridal style. "I'm taking her to her room." He walked off. Louis did the same with Tahlia. Cassie, Zayn, Niall, Sarah, Harry and I were left in the room. I turned around and my knees gave way. I fell to the ground crying. Niall rushed over to me just as Zayn left the room with Sarah so they could catch up and give us space. Harry started talking to Cassie about what happened.
"I'm not going to ask if you're ok, because clearly you're not. Tell me why your crying."he said while embracing me into a hug. I looked up with my bloodshot eyes. "I lost my family in a car crash the year I met Tahlia. The year I met the girls, they were all I had from then on." I sniffed and continued " My parents were fighting and they weren't paying attension to the lights. The changed to red and they kept fighting and driving. A drunk driver slammed into my sisters side. It swerved and rolled into a brick wall. We then smashed head on into a building. I was the only survivor. Thats why I hate it when the people I love fight." I stood up. "I'm going to check on Tahlia and see if she's fine." I strode out of the room. I hope Tahls is fine. I hate it when she cries and there is no way I can stop it.
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