To The Woods We Go

After what everyone went through in the city I think its time for us and my home town friend to take a camping trip to a cabine and just forget the world for a little bit hopefully the road trip to it goes smoothly (please tell me what you think your option is very much appreactaded and welcomed)


1. "Fresh Start"

It was the morning after everything and i woke up thinking how much fun and how much we needed to get away from the city for a while . After i got ready for the day and the boys were all still sleeping i made them some food and waited for them to wake up on they own . As i was waiting i heard a lound knock on the door as i looked through the peep hole and saw my old friend from the island, Brianna i opend the door and screamed in excitment and gave her a big hug. With in a short amount of time Harry,Louis,Liam,Niall,Zayn were by my side and harry was asking " is eveything ok i heard you scream?" i smiled and introduced them to her. Then the 7 of us ate some food and i brought up the idea of going to the country for some camping and they  all really like the idea .After we all ate ,Brianna left to go pack and i cleaned up as the boys went to go pack as well i was so excited that everyone was happy about this i couldnt stop smiling . I then felt someone wrap their arms around me i smiled even more cause i knew it was Harry he then told me " hun ill finsh cleaning while you go and pack " i gave him a kiss on the cheek and left to go pack. After eveything was cleaned and everyone packed we were just waiting for Brianna to come back with her stuff so we could all pile in the car and head out . A few minites past and Brianna finally got back to us and we were all excited to hit the road we got the car packed with stuff and everyone, Harry wanted to drive and so i sat shotgun and Liam and Zayn and Louis sat in the middle and Niall and Brianna sat in the back. The only thing we were going by was a map that we got from a gas station. A few hours pasted and everyone was fast asleep in the car aside from me and harry who were singing to old disney movie songs . A few more miles past and we entered into a small town called Lation Village population 250 so it was a pretty small . We stopped at the local dinner for some food and to use the restroom it felt so nice to strench out . After we ate and used the restroom me and harry walked around the small village and did some extra shopping to get some extra blankets just incase someone got cold  . As we were walking out of the stores when some random gilrs begain flirting with Harry he saw how it was getting to me so he pulled me into him and gave me a kiss and the girls left after that. We were making our way back to the car when people begain to yell some harsh things at us.I could tell Harry wanted to do something he will regret, so i grabed his hand and tighten my grip each time he looked at the rude people. He then wraped his arms around me and then we  made our way  back to the car but this time Louis and Liam were in the front seats  Liam looked at us and told us to get all the way in the back and rest, we looked in the back and noticed Niall and Brianna moved to the middle seat next to zayn . So me and Harry made our way to the back and soon after me and him fall asleep and so did everyone else beside Louis who was driving. We still had a long way to go on  this road trip before we got to the camp site .

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