To The Woods We Go

After what everyone went through in the city I think its time for us and my home town friend to take a camping trip to a cabine and just forget the world for a little bit hopefully the road trip to it goes smoothly (please tell me what you think your option is very much appreactaded and welcomed)


2. "Are we there yet ?"

 We been driving for a long time after we left the little village so we had to pull over to the nearist motel .When I looked out of the car window and saw the motel we pulled next to the site of it sent shivers down my spin and a worried look came across my face. Harry noticed the look on my face and asked "is everything ok ?" when I heard him i shook off the look and put on a smile on my face and told him"couldnt be better" . The rest of the group was already inside as Liam was trying getting the rooms when Harry took hold of my hand and we made our way inside to join the others. In the motel lobby there wasnt anyone working the front desk and no one came out after Liam rang the bell seven times so we just took the room keys and left the money on the front desk .After we got the keys we all went out side to deside who went in what room and we deisided that in room six it was me and Harry ,in room seven it was Liam and Louis and in room eight it was Niall, Zayn and Brianna  being since room eight was the only one with two beds in it . After we all got setteled in the rooms everyone came into me and Harrys room for a movie night .When everyone got here it begain to down poor outside and the lighten was lightig up the room as well as it knocekd the power out . Since the weather was so bad outside we all disided to just sleep in our room .With the power out and it was completly pitch black it helped everyone go to sleep aside from myself who couldnt sleep .It was a little bit after midnight and the storm just got bigger and lounder outside and I was still awake but slowly drifting off to sleep . The sec i closed my eyes I heard a lound scream during a crack of thunder the first thing i did was try to wake up Harry but he wouldnt budge so then i tried waking up Louis and nothing then i tried waking up Liam and nothing and then i tried waking up the rest of them and i still got nothing . So i disided to do something really stupid and go outside to look for where that sound came from alone during a storm. When i got outside and stood by the door i noticed a dark figure standing by the motel lobby door and the figure noticed me too and begain walking towards me. So Iwent back inside and locked everything and forced everyone to wake up . When everyone woke up i told them about the man out side the lobby and the screams, Louis throught i playing a prank so he got up and looked out the window and he didnt see anything but Harry knew i wasnt jokeing by the amount of fear that was in my eyes and the fact that i was shakeing so he took me in his arms and told me "nothing and no one will ever hurt me i promise" . After hearing that it calmed me down a little bit but it couldnt get me to go back to sleep and Harry knew that so he stayed up with me while eveyone fall back alseep. Soon after there was another scream that even Harry heard after that we looked at each other in painic and in fear so we woke up everyone again and he explained to them how what ever I saw was real cause he heard someone sream . Then it finally hit Louis that this wasnt a prank and that this was very much real so for the rest of the night we all stayed up and we all stayed closed to each other . For what seems like forever the sun finally came up and once we saw it we packed our things and mad our way to the car when we got to the car "Your days are marked " in blood was writen on the windsheild . After we all got into the car and locked all the doors we deisided that Niall would be the driver since he got the most sleep out of all of us .Once everyone was seated with me and Harry in the back and Liam,Zayn,Louis were in the middle and Brianna was up front with Niall . He sprayed the windshield untill he got the stuff that was written off completly .After that we were back on the road trying to forget what just happend .

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