Tell Me Now

(1D Aren't Famous) Isabella has had a hard life ever since her parents died. She's back in the real world after three long years and hasn't talked to her best friend Louis for years. But when they meet again Louis is with someone else but he is still in love with Isabella. Louis has to tell her before Niall and Harry get her. But will Louis tell her before it's to late? Can Isabella handle the pressure? Or will the it all become to much?


3. Set A Flutter

When I walked into the room everyone kept talking I noticed Niall was talking to Harry they must have known each other from classes. Niall's face lit up when he saw me. I couldn't help but smile back at him he was so, so cute, amazing, hot I mentally slapped myself again.


Then I walked over to the teacher and told her I was the new pupil.  She smiled and nodded "Silence" she said with a raised voiced. Everyone insolently went silent including me. "This is our new student who will be joining us now be nice to her" I laughed at this then stopped when the teacher shot me a dirty look but I noticed it was because I wasn't the only one laughing Harry was too.


After a great drama lesson of getting to know everyone I headed to my next class, music. I felt someone pull my back I turned around to see Niall my heart skipped as I looked at him. "Yeah?" I asked raising my eyebrow.


Niall laughed "Where are you headed?" he asked his Irish accent very strong I noticed. When he spoke my heart skipped a few more beats. "Music" I said smiling at him then blowing a piece of hair from my face.


"So am I" Niall said still smiling cutely. I looked at my timetable then showed it to him, but he just laughed. "Would you look at that I’m in all your classes." When he said that my heart went into a flutter once more. But I just smiled then headed off to music with him.

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