Tell Me Now

(1D Aren't Famous) Isabella has had a hard life ever since her parents died. She's back in the real world after three long years and hasn't talked to her best friend Louis for years. But when they meet again Louis is with someone else but he is still in love with Isabella. Louis has to tell her before Niall and Harry get her. But will Louis tell her before it's to late? Can Isabella handle the pressure? Or will the it all become to much?


7. Questions

Louis' P.O.V


When I saw Isabella left worry hit me like a bus.  Let's just I’m grateful I was sitting down because I would have fallen over. I was going to get up but Niall ran after her so I staid here instead.


Niall walk back over at sat with as. "Is she ok?" I asked I need to know because if she was still out there crying worse things could happen. Niall smiled "Yeah she's fine" he said giving me a questioning look.


After a while I noticed Niall wasn't the only one giving me that look, they all were. I knew they must have all been wondering why I wasn't talking.  "What?" I asked innocently.


Liam looked away from Dani and raised an eyebrow. Harry stopped flirting with a girl, Niall was still looking at me and Zayn was glaring at me. Eleanor hugged me again "Lou, you ok?" she asked sweetly.


I nodded "Yeah I’m fine" I say hugging her back and smiling again. The Harry broke the long silence "Hey who thinks Iz looks like Lou but a girl?" he asked knowing Harry he was probably picturing her in a skirt. This made me so angry, what is wrong with me?


Niall laughed "Indeed she is" he said grinning very much I noticed.  I then looked at Liam who was kissing Dani's cheek. Dani noticed my gaze and giggled "I think she's cute" she said sweetly.


El nodded "Yeah Dani's right" she said giving me a small peck on the cheek but I didn't feel that I loved her as much as I used to. I kissed her back and that's when the bell rang.


Niall let out a laugh. Zayn looked at him "Mate why are you laughing?" he said to Niall raising an eyebrow. Niall answered him "oh nothing" he said taking a chocolate bar from his pocket and walking off.

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