Tell Me Now

(1D Aren't Famous) Isabella has had a hard life ever since her parents died. She's back in the real world after three long years and hasn't talked to her best friend Louis for years. But when they meet again Louis is with someone else but he is still in love with Isabella. Louis has to tell her before Niall and Harry get her. But will Louis tell her before it's to late? Can Isabella handle the pressure? Or will the it all become to much?


5. Hello I'm...

I smiled and sat back down Isabella was stilling next to Niall how was already stuffing his face. I had so many questions to ask her I hadn't seen her in three years.


Isabella's P.O.V


I looked at Niall I found him so cute well ok I found him hot. I looked at the other faces I didn't know "Well I’m Isabella" I say making l convo.  Harry looked at me "Ello there Iz, Niall hasn't tried to eat you yet" he said with a laugh. Niall looked up from his food and shot Harry a hurt look.


I smiled and looked at a cute guy with short brown hair who was sitting next to a girl with curly brown hair who was cute as well. I'm sure they were a couple because the looked so happy together and the way they were looking into each others eyes said a lot.


The girl looked at me and smiled sweetly "Hello I'm Danielle" she said giving the guy a small hug. The guy looked at me and smiled "Hey I'm Liam Payne and Dani here is my girlfriend" I smiled "Nice to meet" I say then look around curiously.


I get the shock of my life when a girl runs up to me and gives me a hug then smiles walking over to Lou. I looked at Niall the Harry raising an eyebrow. Niall smiled and Harry walked up to Louis and hugged him "Eleanor you can't have him he's mine" I walked over to Niall and raised an eyebrow "Does he always do that?" I asked looking back at Harry who was known embracing Louis well they both were.


Niall smiled "Yeah they’ve this whole romance thing going" I nodded even though I was still confused. The girl I think was called Eleanor walked up to me "Hiya Isabella" she said smiling sweetly I guessed Louis had told her my name I still found this all too much.


I pulled my best acting face looking happy "Hey" I say glancing at the ground all the noise the laughing, the kissing, the fighting, the banging was all too much. I noticed someone’s hand on my shoulder "Are you alright love?" ask a handsome black hair boy with amazing looking tanned skin. I nodded still acting happy then smiled still faking it "Hello I’m Isabella" I say looking up from the ground slowly.


The boy smirked "I'm Zayn, love" he said looking around his hands back in his pockets now. Niall let out a laugh "Yeah, Zayn's vein" Zayn looked at Niall and pushed him lightly. I think he was telling him to back off.


I looked back at the ground Eleanor was now standing back next to Louis.

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