Tell Me Now

(1D Aren't Famous) Isabella has had a hard life ever since her parents died. She's back in the real world after three long years and hasn't talked to her best friend Louis for years. But when they meet again Louis is with someone else but he is still in love with Isabella. Louis has to tell her before Niall and Harry get her. But will Louis tell her before it's to late? Can Isabella handle the pressure? Or will the it all become to much?


11. Emotions

Now Niall's arms were around me he pulled me closer to him this made me completely flush, we were so close in fact that it coursed me to shiver. I bit my lip "Um...? Niall? What are you doing...?" I said backing up to prevent myself from letting my emotions get the better of me.


Niall didn't well, more like wouldn't let go of me it was so hard to break free of his grip. I couldn't do kiss him, yes I’m in love with him but I’m in love with Harry too. God I hate emotions there crap. "Niall I... I can't" I look at the ground. I saw him raise an eyebrow with a heart broken "You can't what?" great, just great, there it was another question.


I didn't answer I shrugged him off and curled up in the far corner off the room.  He stood there his face completely heart broken. I couldn't do it so I just sat there.


Niall's P.O.V


Why was she doing this to me? Before at school when I went to kiss she seemed fine but what's changed since then? I looked at her with a heart broken look. My love for her was to strong even though I’ve only just meet her I've fallen hard.


She looks like an angel, her hair, her face, her heart, she just so amazing. But I just didn't understand why she was acting different. Then it hit me she's in love with Harry? Holy crap why didn't I see that she didn't love me she loved Harry. Great now I feel crap. "Are you in love with Harry?" I blurted out. Why had I done that?


Isabella looked up at me completely shocked making my feel even worse. Then she spoke "Why do you ask?" she looked so cute but if she was in love with Harry I couldn't do anything or could I? Isabella looked at me with a blank expression because I hadn't answered her.


"Dunno, just wondering" I say causally I couldn't tell her I was in love with her now. Isabella sat there curled up in a ball but at least she was looking at me.


I looked at the still open door and walked out with my head hang low. What had I done?


Harry's P.O.V


After talking to Louis on the phone I went to check on Iz to see how she was but when I walked over to her apartment I saw Niall walking out and Isabella curled up in the corner rocking back and forth. I went straight over to Iz to see what was wrong when I put my arms around her Niall let out a huge sigh. What was with him? I did care but I cared about Isabella's feelings more so I stayed by her side.


Isabella slowly looked up at me she had now stopped rocking. "What's wrong love?" I asked her with concern. She didn't say a word. Louis said she had, had a difficult past but I didn't think it would affect her this much. What happened between her and Niall that made them both so upset? Slowly moved her hair from her face then kissed her cheek.


Isabella's P.O.V


I looked up at Harry completely startled because he just... Kissed me!? Why did he do that and great here comes that stupid flutter.  Sure enough my heart started racing the longer we stayed that close the faster it went.


I couldn't take it Niall and now Harry this was all too much "No!" I yelled before running out of my apartment then followed by the apartment block altogether. I now hated emotions too, they made me feel so helpless that's that part I dreaded the most.


I slowed down but didn't look back. I couldn't bear to think about Niall or Harry. I started to kick a stone along the pavement then I walked into someone. God I need to stop doing that, why do I walk into people? "Iz are you ok love?" A familiar voice rang through my ears.


Great so I know have a stalker well it's the same person who used to stalk me is here. Nah I'm kidding Lou never stalked me he just knew where I to find me because were, we'll used to be best friends. "Great, stalking me again are we?"


Louis laughed "Yeah of course" he said   with a huge smile.  I rolled my eyes "Ok whatever" I say looking at the ground. Louis looked at "Iz what aren't you telling me?" he said crossing his arms. I didn't answer him


Louis' P.O.V


I knew there was something that Isabella wasn't telling me. I looked at her again "Oh come on tell me" I say crossing my arms again. Isabella sighed "Fine if you have to know... I'm in love with Niall and Harry" she said looking at the ground.


My heart sunk. Isabella was in love with Niall and Harry? She couldn't do this to me Harry was mine and so was she. I cleared my trough and coughed. Isabella stared at me wondering why I hadn't said anything. "Well I can't help you there" I say pushing my emotions deep down.


Isabella smiled "Yeah I thought so" she said all happy again. I had Eleanor and Harry but I still loved her. One thing I don't think I could ever forgive Harry from taking her from me but Niall and I were just friends. So I'm going to try my best to get Isabella and Niall together because Harry can be a bit of a jerk.

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