Tell Me Now

(1D Aren't Famous) Isabella has had a hard life ever since her parents died. She's back in the real world after three long years and hasn't talked to her best friend Louis for years. But when they meet again Louis is with someone else but he is still in love with Isabella. Louis has to tell her before Niall and Harry get her. But will Louis tell her before it's to late? Can Isabella handle the pressure? Or will the it all become to much?


10. Confusion

I was so confused why did Harry push over Niall and why did I act like that? I shrugged these feelings off and looked at Niall who was still on the floor. "Yeah Lou's right what the hell was that?" I ask after helping Niall up.


Louis I noticed was glaring both at Niall and Harry. I walked passed them and over to Zayn and Liam "What's up with them?" I asked flicking my hair to the side. Liam smiled "No idea Iz" and Zayn shrugged "Yeah what he said"


Wow they were so helpful I totally get it now, no I don't if anything them not know made it worse. "Well..." I say standing there awkwardly "I want to go..." I said rocking back and forth on the soles of my feet.


Still there was no answer from any of them. What was going on that they weren't telling me? The rain had finally stopped to my relief "Bye" I say heading out the door I heard someone following me so I walked faster so they didn't catch up.



15 minutes later I was still confused what happened back there? I kept walking it was still wet outside due to the heavy ran but I needed to clear my head.  Great just great I thought as a car pulled up beside me and completely covered me in water. I shock the water of as the door of the car opened there it was again the way my heart skipped a beat when I knew Niall was near.


"What the hell did you do that for?" I asked when Niall when he walked up to me laughing "Hey don't blame me, blame the diver" he said in between laughs. I rolled my eyes when I saw Harry's smug smile looking at me from at the wheel.


He chuckled to himself "Bit wet there are we love? Do you want me to dry you off?" Harry said after looking the car. When he said that Niall stopped laughing "Not cool" Niall frowning at Harry then I clicked as to what Harry meant "No way Harry!" I yelled walking to the door of the apartments.


I heard Harry laughing and turned around "So are you guys stalking me or something?" I asked crossing my arms. Niall smiled and shook his head then Harry spoke "Don't flatter yourself love" he said sweeping some here from his eye. Holy crap there it was the flutter. Wait what? Did my heart just skip a beat for Harry? What was wrong with me I liked Niall.


I shook my head in confusion Niall walked up to me "Hey Iz are you ok?" he asked in his amazing Irish accent, boom there it was again the flutter. What is wrong with me? I'm in love with Niall and Harry how does that work? I looked at Niall and nodded "Yeah I’m fine" I say smiling but I was lying through my teeth. Harry looked at me and laughed as he walked past me. Oh god I was in love with both of them because my heart was beating in overload.


Niall walked past me and stopped out sit my door? Wait what, was he doing? "Iz is your apartment here?" he asked again still sounding beautiful. I nodded finally snapping out of my little trance "No I’m just a pro stalker that knew exactly where you live" I say rolling my eyes.


Harry and Niall both laughed "I'll keep that in mind next time" harry said opening the door to an apartment the closing the door. Wow very charming I thought when Harry shut the door or should I say slammed it was really loud.


Well I’m still confused and looking at Niall who was staring right back at me. What was wrong with me why was I in love with two people? I smiled at Niall "If you could so kindly move from my door" I said walking over to the door he was standing next to and opening it. Niall moved and stood at the door when I walked in. He was pretty much leaning over my doorway.


I bit my lip "Niall what are you doing?" I asked curiously because he was now leaning over my doorway. The way he was standing there made his arms look super strong, I’m not say he doesn't look strong or anything he does but you really notice can notice her now. Hot was all I could think.


Niall smiled "I could ask you the same. What are you thinking about" I was still lost in thought "hmm...? What sorry... Hot?" I realized what I had just said and looked at the ground hoping Niall wouldn't ask what I had just said. Niall raised an eyebrow "What was that?" Oops too late he just did. "Oh nothing your just hot" I say think aloud, god I really needed to stop that.


Niall chuckled but this just made me more confused. Someone needs to tell me what's going on now because it's just coursing me confusion. I was looking at the ground and I think Niall was still standing at the door.

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