City Girl

A girl from a small town moves into the big apple and meets some new people who become really close to her and they take part in some wild and crazy adventures together (please tell me what you think your option is very much appreactaded and welcomed)


7. ”The Text”

After our first night at Zayns I woke up extra early and made the guys breakfast . After it was made I was still worried about the text from last night so I wrote the guys a note saying ” good morning sleepy heads made you all breakfast went out for a run be back in 3 hours if you need me I have my phone cya later -Jill “. After the note I grabbed my work out clothes and changed in the bathroom down stairs so I wouldn’t wake up any one . After I got changed I began my run after a hour of running I began to think if it would be better if I just went home and out of the boys hair. After my 3 hour run I was heading back to the apartment when I get a text from Harry saying ” why didn’t you wake me to go running with you your unprotected please hurry back ” I responded saying ” I’m sorry next time I’ll wake you up at 6am to run with me and I’m less then a block away see you soon ” . When I walked up to the doormen I told him ” good morning and handed him a cup of hot coffee” he smiled and said ” thank you and you too oh and Harry is looking for you” I smiled and said “thank you” . I got into the building and to the floor and opened to door and yelled “honey I’m home” all three boy came running down and bum barred me with question such as where we’re you who were you with how long were you gone etc I answered all of them and said ” I’m fine mom and dads” as I made my way to my room I heard the boys talking trying to figure out who was the mom and who was the dads I couldn’t help but laugh. After I got into my room I took a fast shower so after I got out I got dressed and walked outside my room then i was making my way down stares I heard 2 voices I didn’t know . As I walked into the kitchen Harry said in a excited voice “Jill these two are one of my best friends I would like you to meet Liam Payne and Niall Horan ” I said “it’s nice to meet you” they looked at me then at Harry and smiled and said ” it’s VERY NICE to FINALLY meet you ” I smiled then pulled Harry away and asked him what that was about he just smirked and said “nothing don’t worry about it ” I said ok and walked back into the room and every one looked at me and smiled. To change what was going on I asked Zayn and Louis and Harry ” how was breakfast ” Zayn said “it was great and it’s been a while since i had a home cooked meal” Louis said “you cook better then my mom” and Harry said ” it was great thnx” . It was around lunch time so we all went out to eat. We went to a dinner close by and sat at a booth and then Louis ,Zayn ,Liam ,Niall forced me and Harry to sit next to each other and kept hinting at things . I heard my phone go off so I asked them if they could let me out they did and I walked outside it was another text from that guy saying “why don’t you get the burger they make really good burgers at that dinner” after that text I fell to my knees Niall saw and come out and asked “are you ok” he then helped me up and I said “yea I’m fine and smiled ” then we both walked in Harry had a worried look on his face and walked towards me and I hugged Harry and i told him I was fine but that I had to go . He got up and said ” ok I’m coming with you ” I said ” it’s ok you can stay here and have some guy time I’ll be in the apartment with my phone so if I need you I can call you ” then I smiled to reinsure him he said “ok but if you need me I’ll come running to you ” I smiled and kissed his cheek and made my way out to the apartment. Harry then went back to the table with all the guys just looking at him with huge smile. Liam then said “looks like you have a good one” Harry smiled and said “yea I do ” Niall then look up from his food and asked ” hey do you guys know what’s up with Jill cause when I looked outside she fell to her knees with her phone in her hand with a message saying something about getting a burger here ” Louis ,Zayn and Harry’s head all shot up and they ran out.Confused Liam and Niall ran after them Harry kept texting and callin my phone but I was sleeping so I didn’t answer it once all the boys got back to the apartment everyone was out of breath but Harry kept running till he got to my room he opened the door and saw I was sleeping safe and sound he then jumped on my bed and held me. I woke up confused and said “hey good to see you too” he then began to yell”WHY DIDN’T YOU ANSWER YOU PHONE WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME HE WAS TEXTING YOU GIVE ME YOUR PHONE” I yelled back ” DO YOU SEE WHAT I WAS DOING ITS CALLED SLEEPING AND HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MY PHONE AND I DIDT WANT YOU GUYS TO WORRIE MORE ABOUT ME” I then handed him my phone and unlocked it he saw the two texts and told me ” from now on I’m keeping your phone and if you need it then ask me ” I yelled “DUDE THAT NOT FAIR IM NOT SOME LITTLE GIRL I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF ” then I stormed out the apartment and slammed the door be hide me.

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