City Girl

A girl from a small town moves into the big apple and meets some new people who become really close to her and they take part in some wild and crazy adventures together (please tell me what you think your option is very much appreactaded and welcomed)


4. “Sleepover”

Me Harry and Louis were on our way out to go to a underground club they friend Zayn worked at . We were all pretty happy cause Zayn could get us a VIP table . A few hours went by and we were all having fun the 4 of us dancing until a scratchy looking guy pulled me aside and started to dance with me as he was pulling me away I looked over at where the guy were with fear in my eyes but they didn’t notice I was gone . This scratchy guy was getting really handies really fast and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I smiled and told the guy “I had to go my friend are probably worried about me “but he didn’t let me go he grabbed my arm tighter to the point where it was really starting to hurt . I was trying to pull away but his grip got tighter to the point were I said really loudly “ow” then I called out for Harry and Louis and even Zayn who I only knew a few hours . I looked back at the guy with tears forming in my eyes from the pain when I looked back into the sea of people and saw Harry running towards me with Louis and Zayn behide him I sighed in relief . The guy throw me on the floor where Louis caught me and Harry and Zayn comforted the guy and Zayn got the guy banned from the club. When Harry saw me he grabbed from Louis and held my tight repeating ” I’m sorry I should have never took my eyes off you I should have never let you out of my sight please forgive me ” I smiled and told him ” don’t be sorry it’s all right ” he looked at me and brushed the tears off my face. Louis looked at Harry and me and Zayn and said ” I think it time to go ” we all nodded our head and on our way home from the club i was walking behide the guys and I heard a person yelling out to me it was the same guy from the club. So I tugged at Louis and Harry’s arm with fear in my eyes and told them ” the guy from the club is following me” Harry then looks back and yells out to the guy” call it a night buddy ” then he swept me off my feet holding me tellin me ” he won’t touch you while I’m here ” I smiled and held on to him and burrowed my face in his chest closing my eye . The guy was still yelling at me and I began shaking then I looked at Harry and Louis and asked “if i could stay with them tonight ” Harry said ” they no way I’m leaving you alone tonight ” and Louis added ” you can stay as long as it take until you feel safe enough to go back ” I asked if it was possible if we walked around until he stopped following us so he couldn’t see we’re we live and they nodded. Zayn looked at me with worried eyes and said ” I would feel better if I stayed with you guys tonight and kept a extra eye on things . We finally got to the apartment and me, Harry , Louis and Zayn got ready for bed I looked at what I was wearing and asked ” could I borrow some pjs ” Harry laughed and handed me his sweat and a t-shirt . I walked into the bathroom and changed as I was wrappings my hair up I heard foot steps from my room so I stopped what I was doing and ran out and told them what I heard. Zayn walked over to the window and locked it and he locked the rest of them and pulled all the curtains down so no one could see in. My heart was pounding and I back into the wall and slide down then Harry walked over to me and held me then picked me up and carried me to the bed then him and Louis layed in bed with me on each side and Zayn slept on the floor by the bed room door . Harry rolled over and put both arms around me holding close and tight we all slept sound that night.

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