City Girl

A girl from a small town moves into the big apple and meets some new people who become really close to her and they take part in some wild and crazy adventures together (please tell me what you think your option is very much appreactaded and welcomed)


8. “Run Away”

After I ran out of the building it began to down pour and as I let the rain fall on me i fell my knees and began to cry like I never did before . Harry was still in the apartment with the other guys when he came down stares after he cooled off and asked the guys” did you guys see Jill around I need to talk to her” Louis looked at the ground in disappointment and said ” dude she ran outside ” as he said that a huge bolt of lighting stuck and a loud pond of thunder hit. The rest of the guys just looked at Harry and shock there heads then Niall said”dude you shouldn’t have flipped out on her like that she was just trying to protect you like you have been protecting her” Harry then slammed his hand on the counter and said ” I know Niall I know ” he then ran out into the storm. After a few hours he called Louis and said”Lou I can’t find her any were” Harry then heard crying and said” I think I just found her I’m gonna call you back ” then he hung up and began to run towards the sound. He saw me walking in the rain in just a t shirt and shorts he came up running and hugged me from be hide and turned me around and said” why did you run from me ” I looked at the floor then said” why did you yell at me” he just kept repeating ” I’m sorry and held me close to him” I was shaking from the cold and my lips were nearly blue he noticed how cold I was then he took off his jacket and threw it over me and picked me up then ran back to the apartment . After we got back to Zayns Harry put me down but I collapsed and blacked out all I remember was hearing my name being yelled . After a few hours I woke up in my bed with Harry , Louis , Zayn ,Niall , Liam waiting by my bed I smiled and I asked “is this a intervention ” they all laughed but Harry . Harry asked ” guys can you leave for a few I need to talk I Jill alone for a little bit” they all got up and left then me and Harry talked for a while and we cleared the air and he handed me back my phone and we cuddled for a little bit then Louis and the rest of the guys walked in and asked “if everything was ok” me and Harry looked at each other and smiled then we both said “never been better” . Then all the boys left and I changed into some warm sweats and a warm blanket and some socks I walked down stairs and Harry ran up and hugged me and picked me up and spun me around then all the guys looked at us and smiled . Then I asked everyone “so who down for a movie night” they all said sure then picked out a movie and all curled up in the couch and I curled up to Harry and we watched movies all night long it couldn’t get any better .

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