City Girl

A girl from a small town moves into the big apple and meets some new people who become really close to her and they take part in some wild and crazy adventures together (please tell me what you think your option is very much appreactaded and welcomed)


5. ” Morning After”

It was morning and Harry was still holding on to me but I didn’t mind cause I felt safe and I saw Zayn on the floor and Louis was beside me and I smiled cause they protected me. Harry was the first to wake up when he did he let go and I sat up and he noticed I had a huge hand print black and blue on my arm from the other night he looked down as If he was disappointed in him self and angry I didn’t know why until looked at my arm and saw the print then I touched it seeing how much it hurt and I couldn’t put any pressure on it . I looked over to Harry and gave him a kiss on the cheek and smiled to insure him that it wasn’t as bad as it looked even through in reality it was a lot worse . Louis woke and and yelled ” Oh my god your arm” then Zayn shot up still half asleep said ” what about a arm” Louis then picked up my arm and showed Zayn then he said ” I’m gonna kill that guy if I ever see him again ” I sighed and thought to myself “I wish everyone would stop over reacting ” I climb to the end of the bed and walked into the kitchen and there was a note on the table with my driver license in it after I looked at it I dropped it on the floor and ran back into the room tripping over Zayn. Harry asked ” what’s wrong what happened what did you see” I pointed to the note with my license in it and crawled into bed in Harry’s arms and he asked Zayn to pick up the note and he did under the license said ” I hope to see more of you soon ” I was shaking and Harry looked at me and held me tight and told me ” there no way after this am I ever leaving your side ” I tried to smile but all I did was nuzzle into him trying to make all this go away. Louis and Zayn looked at each other and Zayn said ” you guys can stay with me at my places it’s not big but it’s something” Louis and Harry both nodded and Louis said ” that sounds like a good idea” . I looked up and said” I gotta get some stuff from my place” then Harry looked at me and said ” I’m going with you” he picks up a empty gym bag and says ” you can put some stuff in here and what ever else we can just go out and buy” I nodded. Then me and Harry took to my room he kept his arm around me the whole time we finally got to my room and the door was broken into so me and him just grabbed some clothes then we took off to go back to the boys room. Then Zayn said “my place is walking distance from here but i think we should get a cab just to be safe ” we all nodded then left the apartment and all got into a cab. We got to Zayn place and as me and Harry and Louis were looking at it Zayn walked up to the door man and told him ” don’t let anyone come in here who doesn’t live here and ask for proof like to show them the key and what room they in and if ANYONE asked to see Jill you don’t know her and to your knowledge no one is here by that name” the door man agreed.

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