City Girl

A girl from a small town moves into the big apple and meets some new people who become really close to her and they take part in some wild and crazy adventures together (please tell me what you think your option is very much appreactaded and welcomed)


3. “Home Sick “

It was the morning after my adventurer with the boys. I woke up in the same clothes i wore the other day kinda confused on how i got back into my apartment and got into my bed and why i smelt like Harry. As i was getting changed into some gym clothes about to go running i smelt something in the air and it smelt really good. So i opened my bedroom door and saw there was breakfast made with a note saying “Morning hope you slept well i noticed you didn’t have food in your fridge yet so me and Louis went out to the store to buy you some be back soon :)-Harry” i smiled at the note and ate the breakfast but i couldn’t help but feel really bad that they are spending their own money on me so i wanted to do something nice for them. After i cleaned up everything i wrote them a note back saying” thank you so much for the breakfast going out for a run be back later -Jill” and of cores i dotted my eye with a heart . As i was running i saw this dinner and got some food for the guys then i passed a flower shop and even through im highly allergic to flowers i got them for the guys any way and i got a little vase to put them. As i was making my way back to the apartment i couldn’t help but think how lucky i am to have such great guys in my life and who took me under there wing. As i let myself into there apartment knowing they secret place where they keep the spare key. I set up the lunch placed the flowers in there bedroom each with a note in them saying how “thankfully i am to have them in my life and how they helped me make moving so much more better ” on both cards i wrote Love Jill. After everything was set up i made their beds and cleaned up a little bit then i left they apartment to go back to my own . When i went back into my own apartment i took off shoes and crashed on the couch for a little bit . I felt so gross after running that i had to take a shower so after i got all cleaned i threw my hair in a towel and wrapped another one around me and as i was making my way to the kitchen to get a drink i heard my window open and the guys ran in and gave me a huge hug each with out even realizing i was in a towel untill they both stepped back and there shirts were wet . My face was bet red and i couldn’t look them in the eyes and i was holding on to the towel around me for dear life and i said “so umm i take it you guys saw everything ” and both they faces turned beat red and Harry couldn’t look at me and said ” um yea thnx for everything ” and Louis couldn’t stop staring at me and said in a joking matter ” We didn’t see EVERYTHING ” . Me and Harry both glared at him then Harry smacked him up side the head. I told them ” you guys make yourself at home and im gonna change into some clothes and ill be right back” they both said “ok” . I ran into my room trying no to drop the towel as i was in my room i was struggling to put on a pair of jeans so badly that i bumped into everything in my room . Harry knocked on my door asking” Jill is everything ok in there ?” i said “yea everything fine” as i fell to the floor harry then said “it doesn’t sound like it is im coming in” i yelled “NO” but by then he had already opened the door and i was on the floor with just a t-shirt on my wet hair in my face and my bum was sticking out of my jeans and all i said was ” hey how is it going” . Harry picked me up then i manged to wiggle my hips and bum into the jeans and as we were on our way out then Louis just looked at us and started to crack up trying to catch his breath he was saying” What were you guys doing in there ” i threw a pillow at his head cause i knew what he was thinking and i told him” Louis get you head out of the gutter im a Lady ” Harry looked at his feet and smirked . I walked into the bath room to blow dry my hair after my hair was done i walked out and both of them were staring at me so i asked them confused” if something was on my face” Harry said “no its perfect” then Louis didn’t say anything. So i opened my arms for a hug and said “lets try this hug one more time ” after we all hugged we just all sat on the couch talking for a little bit . After a while i began feeling a little home sick so i got up and walked out to the fire escape and just sat out there feeling the wind trying hard not to cry. Louis and Harry were both inside and Harry asked”i wonder what wrong” then Louis looked out side and said “she home sick “. After brushing the tears out of my eyes i climbed up the escape to the roof and just sat there. Harry got up and was heading towards the window until Louis pulled him back and said” dude just let her be ” Harry knew Louis was right but hated the fact that i was alone and upset on the roof and it was getting dark . Harry and Louis began to passe cause it been nearly 2 hours since i came down then Harry said to Louis “ “she had more then enough alone time im gonna go check on her ” Louis nodded and said “im going with you” . They both made they way to the roof when and they saw me just sitting there looking up at the sky my eyes swollen with some tears where still coming down . Harry and Louis just sat next to me Harry threw his jacket over me and held me then Louis held my hand and began rubbing his thumb over it softly. For the most of the night we just layed on the roof i layed on Harry and Harry layed on Louis . Harry was slowly runing his fingers through my hair and began humming “What makes you beautiful” then Louis started to hum along and that made me smile. It was pretty late so i rub the tears from my eyes got up with a smile on my face and told the guys ” Lets do something fun do you guy know where they are any party’s going on tonight” they both looked at each other and smiled. Then we made our way to our own apartments to get ready . I curled parts of my hair and put on some eye liner and curled my lashes and threw on some super skinny dark jeans and a nice shirt and a pair of black heals but i also packed in my bag a pair of flats just in case my feet started to hurt. So all dressed up i knocked on the boys door and when they answered both of they jaws dropped and Harry says” wow you look wow” then Louis said ” You look HOT” i blushed and tucked my hair be hide my ears and asked “if it was to much” they both shock they heads no . We were heading out to go party tonight and have fun. ( So we Thought)

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