City Girl

A girl from a small town moves into the big apple and meets some new people who become really close to her and they take part in some wild and crazy adventures together (please tell me what you think your option is very much appreactaded and welcomed)


2. “Fire Escape”

After I got off the floor I made some breakfast thinking about the other day and smiling about what happened . After I cleaned up from breakfast I looked around my apartment to see if anything need to be cleaned and nothing did . Since I had nothing else to do I finally looked at my window to see if I had a fire escape and I did. So I threw on a sweat shirt and some slippers and climbed out the window onto the escape . I took a deep breath in and looked at the view I had I couldn’t help but smile . I was staring out into the open until I heard a voice from under me it was Louis he said “Good morning did you and Harry have fun last night” and chuckled I smirked and said ” good morning to you too and told him yea passing out then trying to wake up harry to let go of me then falling on the floor and being yelled at by you was a hoot ” then I asked ” speaking of which where is sleeping beauty anyway ?” Louis laughed and said “his up and about this city some where ” then I looked out staring at the sky thinking . Louis then begins to throw pebbles at me yelling “hey what are you doing today ” I looked back at him and said ” probably just exploring my new home and having some fun before I have to start looking for a job ” his face let up and he climb up to my fire escape and said ” I got a great idea why don’t I show you your new home and some places close by that are hiring?” I thought about it and said ” sure why not let me just get changed cause I don’t think it will be a good idea to walk the city in homer slippers a old over sized sweat shirt or ripped up sweat pants with leggings underneath and hair a mess people might mistake me as a homeless person ” he laughed and said ” hurry up I’ll meet you out here”. I raced back inside getting ready and just thew on some jeans a t-shirt and a sweater and boots with my hair down and a little make up on then I ran back out to the fire escape to look for Lou but I didn’t see him until he jumped up be hide me and nearly scaring me right off the escape then Louis said “let’s go shall we” holding out his arm I nodded and said “we shall ” and linked arms. We were skipping most of the time like a cliche movie scene until I saw Harry walking in front of us .I looked over to Lou and asked him ” that’s Harry right ?” he nodded then I took off running and jumped on Harry’s back. Harry looked up and smiled and said ” I heard and smelled you coming ” my face turn beat red and I jump down. Then I point into the crowd of people and say “omg look at that person ” then when Harry looked I smelled myself and I didn’t smell bad I smelled like I normally do which is sweet. He then looks back and said ” I didn’t say you smelled bad ” knowing I only said that to get him to look away when I smelled myself . My face turns red and I look at the ground he then scopes me off my feet and spins me around . Then Louis finally caught up with us and Harry put me down and told Louis ” I found her” and I raised a eyebrow knowing he was referring to me as a pet that had ran away Harry then looks at me and laughs . For the rest of the day me Harry and Louis were exploring the city together it was getting late and they could tell I was sleepy and wasn’t use to walking every where for such a long time so Harry bent down and told me to jump on his back so I did just that and with in few min I fell asleep. As we were walking back to the apartment I over heard the two of them talking Harry was telling Louis about his day and Louis was telling Harry about his then Louis mentioned how I looked in the morning out on the fire escape how it was perfect then Harry looked at me and with one hand brushed the hair out of my face and smiled and said to Louis ” yea she is perfect ” . We finally got to the step of the building when Harry tried to wake me up but I told him ” nah I’m good” and nuzzled my head on his shoulder then he said “how do you expect to get into your apartment if I’m carrying you ” I mumbled ” keys are in my back packet ” so he told Louis with a very serious face ” get her keys from her back packet please and open the door ” he nodded and as he was going to get the keys a boyish smile crossed his face then Harry looked and him a glared at him. They opened the door to my apartment and then Louis said ” I’m gonna leave her keys on the table and I’ll see you downstairs after you put Jill to bed ” he said ” ok ” in a hushed tone. Harry sat down on my bed with me still on his back then slowly let go so I slide on to the bed then he pulled the covers over me and kissed my forehead and whispered” good night” then a loud bang hit the floor Harry looked up and knew it was Louis telling him to hurry up . Harry locked him self out of the apartment and made his way to his apartment where Louis was waiting for him tapping his foot. When Harry went for the door nob Louis asked Harry ” you didn’t change Jill right ” Harry said ” no I didn’t she still in the same clothes she been in all day she is still wearing her shoes” then Louis looks at Harry and tilts his head down and said ” so if I went into her apartment right now she would still be in her jeans and t shirt ” Harry sighed and said ” yes but if you wake her up I’ll smack you up side the head ” . They both walked into there apartment and went to bed .

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