City Girl

A girl from a small town moves into the big apple and meets some new people who become really close to her and they take part in some wild and crazy adventures together (please tell me what you think your option is very much appreactaded and welcomed)


10. “Fairy Tail Ending”

It was the morning after the storm and I woke up in Harry’s arms and my arms around him I couldn’t help but smile. I kissed his forehead and he smiled then said ” good morning today is the day ” I nodded and we got out of bed I went to make breakfast and Harry went to wake up everyone else. After everyone was awake and breakfast was made we all sat at the table and eat it then me Harry and Louis got ready for the move . As we made our way Zayn Liam and Niall stayed back they were planning something but I let it be. After me Harry and Louis packed everything we made our way to Zayns when we got there I walked to my room but it was completely empty of my stuff and so was Harry’s room we then asked Zayn where our stuff was and he said check my old room. Me and Harry did and all our stuff was there we knew what they were doing but we didn’t call them out on it . Me and Harry unpacked everything then he picked me up off my feet and spun me around then we crashed on the bed and began laughing . All the guys heard and all had a goofy grin on there faces when me and Harry walked down to the kitchen hand in hand and then Louis ,Zayn,Liam , Niall all jumped on him and they began play fighting I then said” be careful don’t hurt my boyfriend to much” once those words left my lips Harry got up and picked me up and kissed me and I could feel the smile on his face then I heard the guys say” get a room ” . Harry then put me down and we all played video games in our new home .

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