City Girl

A girl from a small town moves into the big apple and meets some new people who become really close to her and they take part in some wild and crazy adventures together (please tell me what you think your option is very much appreactaded and welcomed)


1. “The start of something new”

It was moving day I was finally moving out of my moms house on the island and into a small 1 bed room apartment in the big city. I just finished packing the last few things into my van and before i was about to hit the road i walked into my old room and looked around with tears filling in my eyes with all the old memories this room had. As i was making my way out to the car i hugged my mom and i could tell she was trying to hold back tears so i gave her the biggest hug i could and i told her that im was just a phone call away if she ever needed me and she could call when ever. I was heading for the front door when i looked back and smiled to my mom and told her “ill be ok you raised me that way”. As i was pulling away from the house i honked the horn and waved out the window . A good hour passed and i finally got to my new home. Before i took anything out of my van i walked up to the door and took a deep breath in and walked into the hallway then up the stairs and placed the key inside my door and opened it to see a semi empty apartment i dropped my bag on the floor and sat on the couch that was already there i looked around and said to myself “ welcome home” in excitement i began dancing around my new apartment completely unaware of how loud i was being . Someone knocked on my door and my hair was a mess after dancing around i tried to fix it but it didn’t work. When i turned to answer the door a tall curly haired boy was standing there and he said ” Hi im Harry Styles i live in the apartment under yours” my face turned beat red after realizing why he was here i then told him “Hi im Jill im so sorry if i was making to much of a ruckus before ” he chuckles and said “Its alright so you just moved in” i brushed my hair be hide my ear and said “its that noticeable ? ” he laugh and says “just a little bit ” he asks if i needed help moving in and i said “yes please” . We both headed down to my van when Louis opened his door and said ” Harry did you tell the new person to please keep it down” Harry looks down and points to me Louis then says” oh its nice to meet you im Louis Tomlinson” i shake his hand and before i could say my name Harry says “and this is Jill and im helping her unpack” . Louis then smiled and asked if he could help i replayed with a smile and say ” the more help i can get the better” . I walked in front of them and not paying to much attention Harry tells Louis under his breath” I call dibs”. As we walked outside the guys both asked “where my car was and the moving truck was” i giggled a littlebit and pointed to my van then Harry says ” i never seen a girl with such little amount of stuff ”. A few hours past and everything was moved in all 3 of us dropped on the couch and then Louis said “we best leave you to unpack your things ” i nodded and smiled and said ” thank you” to the both of them as i was walking them out Harry turned around and asked” see you later tonight ?” i said “sure if im not passed out you know where to find me “. As i close the door be hide them i race over to the phone and called my mom and told her everything that happened she laughed and told me “it took you to move out to talk to boys ” i laughed and said to her ” noooooo” then i told her i had lots of unpacking to do and that i loved her we hung up the phone. Then a few min later the phone rings again i pick it up thinking it was my mom cause only she knew my number i said “hello?” then the voice said ” hey Jill its Harry ” in a confused voice i asked him “how he got this number ?” he laugh and says” this is the previous owners number” i laughed and he said ” ok well im gonna go and let you unpack” we both hang up the phone . A few hours past and i unpacked everything it was pretty late in the night so i changed into some comfy sweats and tied my hair up. I was heading out towards the window to see if i have a fire escape until i heard a knock on my door. I looked through the peep hole and saw it was Harry and Louis with food so i let them in and we talked for a while and ate the food. Louis got up and said “i to go cause i have a early morning” then he looks over to Harry and he tell him “see you later ” . A few hours past and with out realizing it me and harry were curled up next to each other in a blanket he was already asleep holding on to me. I try to slowly get up to go to bed but he pulls me in and holds me tighter so i just lay there looking around the room then slowly drift off to sleep. It was soon morning and we were both still on the couch under the blanket. I was then poking Harry’s face to try to get him up to let me go as i was whispering “Harry its morning time to let go come on ” he nuzzles his face into my back and mumbles ‘no’ i sigh and say “come on Harry time to get up’ he wakes up and looks at me and smiles and says “what are you doing in my apartment ” i smirk and say no Harry this is my apartment ” he then looks around with his eyes half opened and says “well you look at that it is ” he pulls me in again and i say “harry i gotta get ready for the day and you gotta get back to your own apartment Louis must be worried about you ” he smirks and says” but i like it here better” i smile and i finally got Harry to let go after trying to pull myself out but i fall to the floor and Harry looks down and starts cracking up then i start cracking up and i hear a bang on the floor and Louis is yelling “KEEP IT DOWN YOU TWO” me and Harry just look at each other and start cracking up again. We calm down and i walked Harry out and as i go close the door harry kisses my cheek and says ” see you soon” i smile back and say “ok” i close the door and turn my back and slide down the door with a big grin on my face and i think to myself ” not a bad first day”.

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