Look After You

After her grandparents & dad dying, and her mom abandoning her, what will happen when she flys away to America?
I'm saying to much, you'll just have to read and see what happens.


15. Twitter

Liam's P.O.V

We were all laying in our beds watching tv when me and the boys heard knocking on the door.
" I'LL GET IT!" I yelled, maybe it was Andrea.
I opened the door, glad to see Andrea.
" Hey babe" She said giving me a kiss on the cheek.
" Hey, come in" I said, signaling her into our room. She went and sat on one of the beds. I followed behind her then jumped on the bed she was on.
" So, um, I kind of need help with the phone" She said as she took the phone out of the box.
" Ok, so first you have to turn it on" I said. She looked at the phone then looked at me.
" and how exactly do you do that?" She asked confusingly.
" Come over here and I'll teach you" I said tapping on my legs. She came over and sat on my lap.
" Ok, now teach me" She said, handing me the phone.
" So, you hold this button" I said, showing her the top button on the phone. She pressed it and it turned on.
" Now what?" She asked.
" You swipe here " I said, taking her finger and gently swiping the screen.
" Wait so you touch it and it just works?" She asked. She looked so surprised.
" Yes babe , it's a touch screen" I said, lightly smiling.
" So it just works like that? You just touch it and it does what you want it to do?"
" Mhmm" I said, giving her a kiss on the cheek, she looked too cute.
She giggled then I taught her how to call and text and all that. I set up a twitter for her and taught her how to use it, she found it pretty cool. A few minutes later the boys went out to get some food. I stayed with Andrea , we were laying in bed, we were both on twitter when I saw tears stream down her face.
" What's wrong?" I asked as she dropped her phone on the bed and ran to the washroom crying. I picked up her phone, she had been looking through twitter. She had found a picture Niall had posted of me and her kissing earlier in the elevator. I looked at the comments. Oh no.
' Why is she with Liam? Liam's too good for her'
' She should go die'
' She's not pretty enough'
I read all these comments and I started to cry too. Of course there were nice comments but in these moments you only concentrate on the mean ones. I held my face in my hands, I couldn't help but cry. The boys shortly arrived and saw me crying. They picked up her phone and figured out what was going on. Louis Zayn and Harry tried to comfort me while Niall went to help Andrea.
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