Look After You

After her grandparents & dad dying, and her mom abandoning her, what will happen when she flys away to America?
I'm saying to much, you'll just have to read and see what happens.


1. Too much.

I woke up to hear gun shots. Where I live that's pretty common, so it didn't really bother me. But just in case something did happen to me one day, I had emergency money I had been saving since I was little in my pillow case. My life had always been though, I've had to work a lot, to help my grandparents out with the farm they owned, they didn't need the money from me, but they were the only people I had in my life, after my dad died and my mom abandoned me, I felt bad just living with them for free, so I payed them every once in a while. I tried to go back to bed but just as I was falling back asleep our maid, Jenny,burst in my room.  " Andrea, run! Get out of here! They're coming this way, run as fast as you can, get as far as you can!" She yelled pulling me out of bed. She looked at me, I could see the fear in her eyes. I quickly got my money, shoved it my purse that was beside my bed and took her hand.  " What are you doing Andrea, I can't come with you, they'll find you if they know I'm with you, run!" She yelled running out of my room. I heard the front door slam open and I knew they were here. I quickly jumped out the back window, falling on the grass behind the house. I started running when I heard the first gun shot. Then another. And a few more. I kept running, not looking back. My grandparents. Jenny. I couldn't think of anything else, all I could do was cry and run. I ran for a few hours, then when I couldn't run anymore I got a taxi to the airport. I had all this planned, I was going to America, all the way from South America, I would get a job and stay at a hotel until I found a place where I could live. I arrived at the airport and asked for the next ticket out to New York, the man gave me my tickets and I went to the waiting room. I sat in one of the chairs and looked down at my legs. I was still wearing my pajamas and I had no other clothes. I had nothing, except my bag in which I had my money. I got on the plane, I had never been on one before, but I didn't end up liking it. I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened, I felt tears streaming down my face, and I fell asleep. I slept the whole way there. When I arrived I got off the plane and went to the airport lobby. I didn't know anyone here, my English was pretty good, except for my accent, which was a little strong , but understandable, problem was, I didn't know where to go. I got a taxi to the nearest hotel. I arrived at the hotel and got my keys for my room. I was about to walk in the elevator but I didn't notice someone was walking out. Whoops.  " Oh I'm so sorry " he said, his voice was deep, and he had a strange accent, an accent I had never heard before, but I liked it.  I looked up at him for a bit, he had really nice brown eyes, light brown hair, his eyes reminded me of my grandfathers eyes, I could feel tears forming in my eyes. " Are you alright?" he asked me, I could see the look of concern in his eyes. I looked at him, tears starting to stream down my face, all of a sudden I felt myself fall to the ground. 

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