Look After You

After her grandparents & dad dying, and her mom abandoning her, what will happen when she flys away to America?
I'm saying to much, you'll just have to read and see what happens.


19. THEY know.

We left the restaurant and went back to Liam's house, now one was home.
" Would you like to watch some movies?" He asked as I sat down on the couch.
" I would love to" I smiled.
Liam went to the basement to get the movies and everything while I went upstairs to change into my pajamas. I was changing in Ruth's room when my phone started to ring.
" Hello?" I answered cheerfully.
" Good afternoon, my name is Jessica and Iam calling from the Red Cross, I'm sure you remember me" The lady said. Memories flashed through my mind, the Red Cross were the people who would always call my grandparents to check up on me. Fear suddenly rushed through me as the lady kept talking on the phone.
" Why are you calling me?" I asked.
" We know where you are and they know where you are too, you need to get as far away as possible from where you are"
She said.
" What do you mean THEY? Who's they?" I asked.
" Those who killed your grandparents" She said. I felt a rush through my whole body. They knew where I was?
" We're trying to protect you. First thing tomorrow morning you MUST be at the airport. You will not have to pay for the plain ticket. You will find out where you are headed to tomorrow at the airport. Be there at 5 a.m sharp" She demanded before hanging up the phone.
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