Look After You

After her grandparents & dad dying, and her mom abandoning her, what will happen when she flys away to America?
I'm saying to much, you'll just have to read and see what happens.


21. Some Day.

Andrea's P.O.V

I woke up to the loud sound of my alarm. I got out of bed, trying to not wake Liam up. I showered, got dressed and got my things ready. I sat beside the bed. I remembered everything we had gone through together. What if I never saw him again? Tears ran down my face. I was going to miss him. A lot. He woke up. I got up from the floor and turned towards the door. I didn't want him to see me crying again. I had to be strong, for both of us. He would probably move on, find someone new. I though of all these possibilities. What if he forgot about me?
" Babe what time is it?" He asked, getting out of bed.
" It's 4:15" I tried to stop crying. He came up behind me and gave me a hug.
" Don't cry" He whispered. He spun me around and I laid my head on his shoulder.
" I just don't want you to forget me" I said, tears forming in my eyes. He gently lifted my head with his hand. We stared into each others' eyes.
" I could never forget someone like you" He said, his light brown eyes teared up.
" We will be together. This will all be different and you'll be safe in my arms" He said before our lips met.
" We should wake up the boys" He said. I nodded. I went downstairs to the basement, Liam stayed upstairs, getting dressed. I walked into the guest room that was downstairs in the basement. Surprisingly the boys were already awake. Niall was in bed, crying while the rest of the boys cleaned up the room.
" Is he ok?" I asked. The boys turned to look at me. Harry shook his head no. My heart immediately broke. I went and sat on the bed with Niall.
" Niall please don't cry" I said, rubbing his back. He continued to cry which made me cry. I looked over at the boys, who held their faces in their hands.
" I hope this isn't the last time we see you" Zayn said, looking up at me.
" Me too" I whispered. Niall sat up and gave me a big hug.
" I'll miss you" He said. I cried on his shoulder for a bit, then it was time to go to the airport. I said goodbye to Nichola, Ruth, Brit, Liam's mum and Louis, who had to leave because his girlfriend was home. We got in Liam's car and he drove us to the airport.
My cellphone vibrated. It was a text message from Jessica, the lady from the Red Cross.
' Hide your face and tell anyone who is with you to hide their face too' It read. I got really scared, they knew what I looked like and where I was.
" Who is it?" Liam asked, looking at my phone.
" Jessica. She says that we have to be careful and don't show your faces " I said, trying to calm myself down.
Liam and the boys nodded. We got to the airport. I was supposed to meet up with the lady at entrance number 3. We walked around looking for her. Finally we saw a woman dressed in a black suit, her hair pulled back into a tight pony tail. I stopped. I remembered her. I had never seen her up close, I didn't know what she looked like exactly but somehow I knew when she was there near me. Liam held my hand tight and we made our way over to the stiff looking lady.
" Right on time. We have to leave now. Time to say goodbye and hand over any cellphones or cameras, you have the choice to either give them to me or leave your things with them" She said, looking over at the boys. I turned around and hugged Niall.
" I'll miss you" He whispered.
" I'll miss you too" I whispered back. He hugged me tight before letting me go say good bye to Zayn.
" It was nice knowing you" He said as he hugged me.
" You too" I replied. We broke from the hug and I went over to Harry who seemed angry.
" Don't let them touch you or do anything to you alright?" He whispered. I nodded.
" I'll miss you" He said. I could hear his voice crack a bit before he broke out into tears.
" We'll figure something out, I promise you" He whispered lightly, as quiet as possible. I nodded, then I went over to Liam.
" I love you" He said in between sobs.
" I love you too" I hugged him tightly.
" Excuse me miss, for your safety, we must leave now" Jessica said, breaking me away from Liam. I handed him my phone and Jessica grabbed my arm tight, quickly pulling me inside.
" Wait!" Liam yelled. I stopped. Jessica pulled my arm harder to try and get me to move but I ran back to Liam. Our lips met passionately.
" I almost forgot the kiss" He said. I smiled lightly.
" Don't be upset. Trust me I'll come for you" He said quietly before letting me go.
Me and Jessica walked through the airport. I kept looking back, the tears wouldn't stop coming down my face.
" Cover your face" She demanded. We waited a few minutes in the waiting room.
" They're near us. We need to get on the plane now" She said, taking my hand. We ran to where the plane was supposed to be boarded.
" Excuse me, we need to get on this plane right now" She said to the lady at the door.
" Sorry you are not allowed to board the plane yet" The lady said with a bitter voice.
" Safety reasons" Jessica said, taking out her ID.
The lady nodded and let us on the plane. I took a deep breath as I got in the plane. I sat in my spot. I hated airplanes really badly. I had the window spot which scared me even more. I sat and tried to relax. Jessica sat beside me, she seemed relaxed but anxious to take me where we needed to go.
" Where are you taking me?" I asked.
" You'll find out soon" She said strictly.
" No. You'll tell me where I'm going, you've taken away the things I care most about in my life, the least you could tell me is what stupid place you're taking me too" I said, anger and rage running through my whole body.
" If it's really that important to you we are going to a city in Australia called Sydney"
I looked out the window, holding back the tears.
" You'll be provided with what you need for about 2 months and after that you'll need to get a job and handle things on your own. You may have no communication with anyone outside of Sydney until things cool down"
" How long will that be?" I asked.
" It could take up to 10 years" she answered.
I felt like she had just ripped my heart out, stomped on it, then put it back. I turned my head to look out the window, I couldn't hold the tears back any longer. Everything I had was now gone. Liam, the most important thing in my life was no longer with me and I was sure he probably wouldn't be able to find me. All I could do was pray I'd see him again some day.
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