Look After You

After her grandparents & dad dying, and her mom abandoning her, what will happen when she flys away to America?
I'm saying to much, you'll just have to read and see what happens.


4. Mornin' !

Liam's P.O.V 
I woke up and right away I thought of Andrea, was she ok? I know I had only just met her, but I cared about her, I felt the need to go check on her. I looked over to the little night table my phone was on, I grabbed it and saw it was 9:00 a.m. I got up and walked over to her room, I knocked on the door and she quickly came and opened it. 
" Hey, everything ok?" I asked her. 
" Oh, um yea" I could tell she had been crying. I understood why, I mean who wouldn't be scared after all that just happened to her. 
" You look like you need a hug" I said. She nodded and we hugged for a while, I really felt bad for her, she had no one to care for her or to look after her, I mean, who wouldn't want to, she's so humble and sweet, much like a puppy I'd say.
" So me and the boys are going out for breakfast in a few minutes, why don't you come with us" I saw her smile and nod yes. 
" Oh, wait, in my pajamas? I don't have any other clothes " she said looking down at her Minnie mouse pajama pants. She looked back up at me and we both laughed. 
" Well, I guess we'll just have to do a little shopping then" I said, a huge smile grew on her face as she said ok.
" But, you'll have to help me wake the boys up" She giggled, then we made our way back to the boys' room to try and wake them up. 
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