Look After You

After her grandparents & dad dying, and her mom abandoning her, what will happen when she flys away to America?
I'm saying to much, you'll just have to read and see what happens.


2. Is she ok?

Liam's P.O.V  The girl was on the ground, I panicked, not knowing what to do, so I picked her up over my shoulder, I got in the elevator and took her back to mine and the boys' room. I opened the door to see the boys watching t.v.  They all turned to look at me, very confused. They quickly got up and walked to where I was, I laid her down on one of the beds.  " What, why, um wait who's she?" Harry asked pointing at the girl. " I, I don't know, I bumped into her when I was getting out of the elevator, when I said sorry she didn't reply, she just looked at me, and then her eyes started to tear up, so I asked if she was ok, then she started crying and then she fainted so I decided to bring her up here, maybe I can help her" I said, looking at the boys.  " She looks like she's been crying all day" Niall said, walking over to her, followed by Harry then Zayn then Louis. "Get me some rubbing alcohol" I said, remembering what my mom had taught me, if you take alcohol and put it near the person's nose, apparently they wake up. Niall went to the lobby to ask if they had any rubbing alcohol , he came back with a bottle. I took it and did as my mom had taught me, and thankfully it worked. Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up and looked at us, frightened. 

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