Look After You

After her grandparents & dad dying, and her mom abandoning her, what will happen when she flys away to America?
I'm saying to much, you'll just have to read and see what happens.


9. I need you.

Andrea's P.O.V 
I opened my eyes to see Liam. Was he saying something to me? He looked surprised. Suddenly he ran out in the hallway " Doctor! Niall! She's awake!" I heard him yell. I sat up and looked around, just then, the doctor, Liam, and Niall walked in. What had just happened? Why was I in the hospital? 
" W-What's going on?" I said, shivering, it was cold in there. Liam walked over to my bed then took his jacket off and put it around me. I lightly smiled at him as he did the same. 
" You had a bit of an accident" the doctor said. He continued talking and asking me some questions. 
" Well, by the looks of it, we'll let you go a little later today, I'll get you the cream you'll need for your burns, and then we'll let you go" he said smiling, then he left the room. 
" So how are you feeling?" Niall asked, walking over to the bed I was on. 
" I'm ok" He smiled. 
" I'll call the boys and tell them everything's ok" Liam said, as he left the room, calling Harry first. Niall sat on the seat beside my bed. 
" Thanks for staying here with me Niall " I said, laying back down, looking over at him. 
" Anything for you sis" He said, giving me a smile. 
The doctor walked in a few minutes later and gave me the cream, then Niall helped me out of bed, taking me to the waiting room where Liam had just finished talking with the boys. 
" Everything ok?" I asked as I sat next to Liam. 
" Yea, the boys are on their way" He smiled at me, then turned to Niall. 
" It looks like our flights home will be leaving a bit earlier than expected" he said to Niall. Home? I thought, what does he mean home? Oh no, he's leaving. He's leaving me here, alone, I should've thought about that. I had completely forgotten about the whole famous and traveling thing he had to do. I felt tears build up in my eyes, but I just held it in... I mean he was going to leave me eventually. A few minutes later the boys arrived, they helped me to the van and drove back to the hotel. The ride home was pretty quiet, everything that had just happened was still a bit of a blur to me, I guess no one wanted to explain or talk about it. When we arrived I thanked them, then I got to my room and closed the door. I broke down, I just fell to the ground, the thought of Liam leaving crossed my mind again. There I was laying against the door, crying. Then I heard a knock... Oh no, I didn't want anyone to see me crying, they would think I'm a drama queen or something. I quickly got up and washed my face in the sink, then I went and opened the door. Liam. He walked right in and jumped on my bed. 
" Well, welcome to my hotel room..." I said, following him to where the beds were. 
" I, have something to ask you" he said, sitting up straight on my bed,  with a serious look on his face. 
" Ok, shoot" I said, sitting down on one of the chairs, giving him a friendly smile. 
" Well, the lads and I are leaving tomorrow night, we're all going home" He said. A cold rushed through my body. He really was leaving. "For vacation, then we go back on tour again, so I was wondering if you could please come live at my house, with my family" my jaw dropped and I think I almost fainted. Come with him! What if his family doesn't like me, and I have no money to pay them back with, and I have no job. I mean I would hate if he left, but coming to live in his house, I think that's too much. 
" I don't think th—"
" Now now, before you say no" he interrupted "it'll be fun! You'll get to meet my sisters, and my mom and dad! It'll all work out! You can stay in our guest room and, and—"
" —Liam, I have no money to pay you back with..." I said, looking down at my feet, feeling sorry that he had to help me throughout all this. He walked over to me, slowly lifted my chin, and gently kissed my lips. 
" You don't have to pay me back. I don't need any money. I need you by my side" I smiled, then our lips met again. 
" So, is that a yes?" He asked, giving me the most cutest puppy dog face ever, it was just too hard to say no to that. I nodded, then he hugged me tight. 
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