Best Friend Louis

Louis Is my best friend. Or atleast he used to be. He left for the Xfactor and I haven't seen him since. What happens when I go see Louis again??


4. Perrmision

HARRY PROV. I sat down on the couch. Louis came and sat by me. "hey mate" he said smiling. "hey" I said smiling back. Then his smile went away. "so you uh like Angie" he said. "ya she is so beautiful and great and smart" I said. "I think I'd know that I'm her best friend" he said. "look you and I are best friends and all it's just look I'm like the big brother Angie never had so just don't break her heart" he said. "I would never" I said. He smiled once again. "thanks mate" he said them got up and walked away. I sat there sorta confused. I grabbed Louis phone off the counter. I searched through his contacts. Then found Angie. I typed her number into my phone then sat back down. I called her. "hello beautiful" I said. I could hear her giggle. "so how did you get my number" she asked. "I have magical ways" I said. "Louis huh"? She said. "uh ya" I said. "so what's up" she said. "do you want to go on a date a real date" I said. "I would love too" she said. "okay so 8:30pm I will pick you up" I said. "I'll be ready" she said. I hung up. I have to go buy a tux!
ANGIE PROV. I hung up the phone. I had to go buy a dress! After about 3 hours of looking for the perfect dress. I found it and bought it. I smiled it was so beautiful. Wait I was going out with one of Louis friends?? Wow I never thought I'd say that ever in my life!
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