Best Friend Louis

Louis Is my best friend. Or atleast he used to be. He left for the Xfactor and I haven't seen him since. What happens when I go see Louis again??


2. Meeting one direction

The next day. I put on some regular clothes. Nothing fancy. I heard a knock at my door. I walked towards it and opened it. It was Louis. I gave him a giant hug. "oh my gosh I missed you" I said. He led me to his Limo! I walked in. "wow fancy car huh" I said. We drove to this giant house! I got out of the car and just starred at it. I walked inside. Four boys were sitting on the couch. They all got up when I walked in. "hi" I said. Louis walked in. "hey guys this is my best friend Angie" he said. Louis pointed to each of the boys and said "that's Liam, zayn, Harry, and Niall". I smiled and shook their hands. They were all a little cute. Liam said "it's very nice to meet you". "you too" I said. He smiled. Then they all sat back down. I sat down next to Harry. He gave me a nice welcoming smile. They started to talk about their album they are going to make. I just sat there confused. "where's the bathroom"? I asked Louis. "oh just walk down the hall to your left" he said. I got up and walked in. I looked at myself in the mirror. Wow now Louis was so famous and I don't know what to say. I took out some lipgloss and put it on. I walked back out. They were all gone but Harry. "oh we're going somewhere to eat do you want to come love" he said. "yes" I said. Then we walked ou the door into the car.
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