Best Friend Louis

Louis Is my best friend. Or atleast he used to be. He left for the Xfactor and I haven't seen him since. What happens when I go see Louis again??


3. Falling for him

After the day. I layed in my bed. Wow today was okay. I am seeing them tomorrow again! I kicked off my shoes and got under the covers. I just couldn't believe Louis was famous now! I fell asleep. The next morning. Again Louis picked me up. We drove to their house. This time the boys were there but a girl was there too. "hi" I said to her. "hi I'm Eleanor Louis girlfriend" she said then got up and shook my hand. "it's so nice to meet you I don't know Louis had a girlfriend" I said. I smiled. Wow was Louis living the life. Eleanor was beautiful. And so nice! I sat down. As the boys were talking me and Eleanor were talking. I liked her! Eleanor had to leave though. "bye" I said then gave her a hug. "bye it was so nice meeting you" she said. "you too" I said. Then she left. Now it was just me and the boys. "so we are going" Liam said. "ya" zayn said. "cool lets go" Liam said. "where"? I asked. "to six flags do you want to come" Louis said. "sure" I got in the car. We drove to six flags. I got out of the car and so did the boys. Then another car came. I girl came out and hugged Liam. "hi I'm Danielle Liam's girlfriend" she said. "oh hi I'm Angie Louis best friend" I said then shook her hand. She held Liam's hand as we walke towards the rides. "so we have to go on all of them" Harry said afraid. "yes of course" Niall said. We all got onto a giant ride. After the ride Harry was shaking. I gave him a hug. He smiled at me. I smiled back. His eyes were green. There was a stuffed animal game. You had to shoot three hoops. Then you would win a giant teddy bear. Harry tried but failed. Liam tried next. He won and gave the bear to Danielle. She blushed. Harry finally won. He grabbed the teddy bear and smiled. He gave it to me. "thanks" I said. He wrapped his arm around me as we walked. I held the teddy bear in my arms. I got to know Danielle more and more! She was just as great as Eleanor. And she was beautiful and nice too! They all have great girlfriends. And now feeling we're getting great with Harry. He was so perfect! I smiled every time he'd smile. He laughed every time I giggled. After six flags we went back to the house. It was so fun! I still held the giant teddy bear in my arms. That night I slept with that teddy bear!
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