Best Friend Louis

Louis Is my best friend. Or atleast he used to be. He left for the Xfactor and I haven't seen him since. What happens when I go see Louis again??


1. Missing Louis

I sat there watching the X-Factor everyday. Just for Louis. We have been best friends since we were little kids. He just got put into a band last week. They I guess are now named One Direction. I miss him. After the X-Factor I turned out the lights and fell asleep. The next morning. I woke up yawning. I got up and got dressed. I grabbed the mail. I saw a magazine. Louis was on it! With his band! I flipped though and found the page. It said: One direction fans are going crazy they call themselfs directioners. I smiled. Louis is finally going for his dreams! I dropped the magazine on the table. I ate some Cearl. I was so happy for Louis. The next episode today was the last X-Factor episode. I really hope he wins. I jumped on the couch and turned on the TV. He won 3rd place! 3 Days later. The directioners were going crazy! I was really happy for him. I couldn't believe my best friend is famous! I haven't seen him in a long time! I called him. "hey Louis" I said. "Angie hey"! He said. "so famous band one direction huh"? I said. "ya it's so awsome" he said. "I can tell" i said. "hey I haven't seen you in forever do you want to come meet the boys"? He asked. "sure" I said. "okay so tomorrow I'll pick you up" he said. I hung up the phone. I was so happy I was going to go see him! I miss him so much! Yay!!!
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