Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


10. Truth or Love?

Zayn POV 

He kissed my girl ! Well she was going to be my girl at least . But he kissed her what if she liked it! What if they start dating ! What if they take it to the next fucking level !!!!!! Fine he can have her but I won't stop protecting her , loving her & keeping a very close eye on her. Some day she just might want me .

Niall POV

  She kissed me ? I kissed her? :D she actually kissed me . Wow she is so beautiful I need her to be mine . " Uh ? Earth to Niall . I repeat Earth. To. Niallllllllll!!" she said exaggerating the ' L' " Huh oh  sorry what were you saying ?" I say snapping out of it .  She just giggles & says "Uh well I was saying that you were drooling All on your shoes ." She just keeps laughing while I wipe my mouth and my shoes . I didn't know I was drooling . I'm such an idiot  , but to Angel I'm a Cute idiot. I start to laugh with her . " Well c'mon we got a game to finish!" she said grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the room. 

Angel POV 

I was talking to Niall about my name when he started Drooling ."Uh Niall ? Niall ! NIALL!" I yelled but not loud enough for anyone else to hear. I snapped my fingers trying to get his attention and said "Uh ? Earth to Niall . I repeat Earth. To. Niallllllllllll!!!! I yelled at him . He finally snaps out of and when I told him he had drool on his face and shoes . I started giggling then laughing . Finally I guess he gives in and starts laughing "Well c'mon we got a game to finish!!" I yell and pull him out . Gosh Damn he is muscular! When we got back to the living room everyone was just moping around . "Hey ! I am the Truth or Dare champ im not giving up that easy ! So by that I mean ....... GET YO LAZY ASSES UP AND LETS PLAY! - please?" I say they all laugh and we get back in a circle I sit between Harry  who just grins at the fact im ok and Niall - who is sitting Awko Taco close to me , but I like it. " Ok Harry truth or dare ?" Louis asks  " Um dare ?" "Great I dare you to straighten one of your curls !" Lou says and looks at me like ' You know what to do' . I nod and go get my straightener and I straighten one of his curls I look back at him as a tear rolls down his cheek . I hug him and wipe the tear of his cheek " Don't cwy big bwoder." I said like a toddler with a puppy face . " I pwomis baby sistewr." he replied the same way . We kept playing , Zayn had to pour out some of his hair product and Liam admitted he could drink but that he doesn't want to and Lou threw away a bag of carrots . "Ok Niall truth or dare?" Lou says wiping away his tears " Uh truth" he says " is it true  you have a crush in Angel?" Lou asks . Niall just sits there . C'mon say some thing boy!

Niall POV 

"I said dare ." I reply after 30 seconds if complete silence " Ok I dare you to admit you like Angel!" Lou snaps back "Uh I cant because I don't like her - (her smile fades ) - I think I love her." She just sat there smiling her cheeks the perfect shade if dark red " Um ok my mum texted me and said they'll be back later tomorrow." Harry said breaking the silence . Did I really say that ? Did I really mean it? Did she really kiss me ? Wow talk about needing a reality check .
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