Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


6. They What?!?!?

 Liam POV

         Harry was right there is something up with Zayn and Niall. I mean Niall sat next to Angel Zayn clutched his fist , Niall leaves Zayn sits next to Angel Niall comes back looking furious ? What is going on - Oh they both have a crush on Angel. I'll talk to her about later " Oh well look at the time we have to go I will see you guys later or tomorrow ." Anne said giving us all kisses on our cheeks like we're toddlers. " Uh  Dad do I still have to -" Angel started to say " Well you could always sleep on the couch !" Rob replied sounding irritated " Uh ? Ok ! Fine with me bye dad!" Angel said kissing Rob on the cheek with a cheeky grin . "Why you little cheeky monkey!" Lou said chuckling " Uh ? American please?" She said obviously confused " Uh like um basically it's uh ? Look I don't know it's just something we say in England a lot." Harry struggled to explain "Uh you guys can leave now." Angel reassured her Dad . With that they walked out . " Angel! Kitchen ! Talk! Now!" I said " Sir Yes Sir !" she said and marched towards the kitchen. 

Angel POV

  I marched to the kitchen behind Liam " What's up !" I said sitting on the counter . " Uh well Zayn has a crush on you ." He said quickly . " Ok I kinda guessed that." I said " Yeah and so does Niall ." He said a bit slower . I felt my face burn and turn a shade of burgundy . Niall-And-Zayn-Have- A-Fire-Trucking-Crush-On-Me ?!?!??!???!!???!???!!?!?!?!?????????!!?!?!??! HOLD DA FUC- ! "Angel are you ok?" I forgot that Liam was there . " Huh ? Oh uh yeah just peachy." I said not looking at him . " Well that was all . I thought you might want to know . Oh and your dad told us about your 1D wall covered with Niall, Zayn & My face on it !" He said with a wink and zoomed out . On l more conversations in the kitchen ... They all end the same ! WITH ME PISSED SND SOMEONE RUNNING OUT THE KITCHEN !! "Angel come here !" Harry called "Kk!" I yelled skipping into the other room trying to hide the fact that I was PTFO at my Dad. "So what do you want to do Angel ?" Liam said smirking "Uh I don't know?  What do you guys wanna do?" I asked looking at Lou  "Really you want 5 boys to decide what to do ?" he asked  raising an eyebrow. " You're right uh Truth or Dare?" Lou's face lit up with an evil smirk . " Im gonna regret this later aren't I ?" I sighed . 'Yeps!' & 'Pretty muchs!!' filled the room
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