Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


11. New relations.

Angel POV 

CANT.CONTAIN.MY.EMOTIONS!! He just said he loved me ? I don't weather to kiss him or crawl in hole?! "Uh Niall can I um talk to you? NOW . " I said sternly standing up not making eye contact with any one . "Uh ? Yeah sure." he said jumping up from where he was . We walk to his room  " Look Angel I dont know what happened back there ." he said. " So you didn't mean it?" I said losing all happiness at  that point. "Well I cant lie to you, I did mean it  but I'm sorry I'll go tell the guys I was joking please don't hate me." he said looking really sorry . I didn't know what to say so I hugged him .  " You really meant it !" I said still hugging him . He hugs back and says " Of course I did ! I knew you were my princess the moment Rob told us about you!" he said . You could tell he was smiling just by the way he sounded. We just hugged until Niall broke the hug looked me in the eyes and said " Angel I don't want to rush things but will you be my girlfriend ?" he asked . REALLY HE IS THE SWEETEST THING ON EARTH  " Niall . I would love to be your girlfriend ." I said smiling . Next thing I know his lips are on my lips  I didn't have time  to even think before I started kissing back . 

Niall POV 

She said yes ! She said yes! And now we are really making out in my room until I brake the kiss. "Shall we ?" I say in a terrible American accent holding my arm out " We shall ." She says in an Ok British accent linking her arm with mine . We walk back to see everyone staring at our linked arms then us "Oh look who decides to show up !" Lou Says rolling  his neck She looks at our arms smiles then goes to sit with her 'Brother' . He whispers something in her ear and she blushes and looks at the ground , then whispers back . What did he- You know what I'll ask him later right now all that matters is I have a beautiful princess who I will love and protect no matter what . 

Harry POV 

 Angel comes to where I was sitting "You're a lucky girl aren't you or should I say 'Princess'" I whisper into her ear . She blushes and looks at the ground . "That's Mrs.Horan Princess to you bud." she whispers back . We both laugh while everyone but Niall look at us like we're loons . " This must be some type of brother , sister thing huh?" Zayn says "Yep-A-Roni !" Angel says poking his nose. He laughs and returns the favor. " Ugh im bored !" Angel says laying her head on my lap and her feet on Zayn . " Well what do you want to do ?" Liam says looking up from his phone "EAT!!" she yells . Niall head shoots up . We all look at him then Angel . "What did I say?" she asks . "Great another Niall !" Lou says walking into the kitchen . "Um no I eat way more than Niall ." she states getting up with her arms crossed over her chest . "Is that a challenge Babe?" Niall says walking closer . She steps closer and says "You bet pretty boy." Lou runs out of the kitchen and yells " What ?! Challenging Niall to an eat off is like challenging you in a fight !!!" "No. The Angel wants to loose let her." Niall said holding his hand up to Lou . " Um are we gonna talk or watch Niall looses to a girl ?" Angel say with sass. "You're on." Niall says with a wink
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