Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


7. Just a kiss?

Louis POV

 Oh hell yeah !! Truth Or Dare was mad for me to torment people and get a quick laugh as well . " Ok Angel? TRUTH OR DARE!!!!" I said dramatically evil. "I CHOOSE DARE!!!" she said exactly the way I did . "Ok I dare you to Kiss Liam for 1 minute !" I said with an evil smirk . Liam's face turned blood shot red!!   "Um he has a girlfri-" I cut her off "No they broke up 3 months ago ! Now SMOOCH!!" I yelled making kissy faces . She will never kiss Liam . ............... Never. >:}

Angel POV

  Me kiss Liam I mean  I haven't had my first kiss yet oh god he is leaning in .......... Oh what the heck! I wrap my arms around his neck and play with his hair next thing you know we're kissing ! His hands on my lower hips my hands still around his neck . " Okay !!!!! OKAY!!!!!!! She did the stupid dare !!! Next please !!" Niall yelled looking furious . Omg I just kissed Liam Infront of Niall . I hate when people yell !!I got up and ran to what seems to be a bathroom . I just sat  there and cried , I place my fingers up to my lips . Liam Payne kissed me , Niall yelled , and Zayn looked like he was going to kill someone . Great this is all my fault my phone started to ring . I forgot I had it . " Gello ." I said "Bebita donde estás ?!?" It was my BFFLAE Danielle  asking where I was . " In Cheshire with my uh mom!" I lied but then again Anne is my mom , well now. " Oh I thought you ran away and didn't tell me you were driving me loca !! Why the flack didn't you answer your stupid telephono!!!" she said ."I had it off during The flight sorry chica ." I laugh "Ok well I'll call you later cheer team won't be the same without you Rosita!! Te amo!"  she said and hung up before I could reply " Te amo tambièn ." I whisper knowing she wouldn't hear me . I shouldve stayed in L.A .

Niall & Zayn POV 


Liam POV

HOLY SHIT !!!!!!! She kissed back but she is crying " Niall go talk to her ." I whisper to him so only he could hear he got up nodded and walked away . I mean no need to over react it was just a kiss ...... Wasn't it?
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