Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


3. Getting red

 We get to the house no a freaking mansion to be exact! "NO WHEN SHE GETS HERE I SAY HI FIRST!!" We heard as soon as we opened the door "NO IRISHMAN FIRST STOP BEING A CUNT LOU!!" Omg Niall wants to say hi to me !! I feel really stupid for freaking out! "HEY IT'S MY SISTER NOW SO I GET TO OVERULE- Wait did you here that?!" Im gonna guess that was Harry . "Quick hide !" Anne whisperd loudly . I ran into the pantry as fast as I could then I heard foot steps " You're hearing things mate they wont be home till 4." I think that was Zayn ? "So Harry goes first then Niall , Lou , Zayn , the me is what we have decided, correct ?" that has to be Liam ! "Well I don't know 'bout you lads but I'm starving." of course that was Niall "Like that's a surprise ." I whisper " I heard that Lou ." Niall said sternly " I didn't say anything ?" Lou said sounding confused. " Wait then who did ?" you could tell that was Harry " I don't know I just want food ." just then the pantry door opens and I see a gorgeous blue eyed blonde haired god in front of me "Uh Harry you have a really cute girl in your pantry!" he yelled turning to Harry . WOAH HOLD THE CRAP HE JUST CALLED ME CUTE LIKE REALLY CUTE!!!!  I started to feel my nose and cheeks burn . Great . He made me blush.  " Uh you must be my sister Angel right ?" Harry said putting his hands out to shake . Wait he already takes me in as his sister forget the shake . I go for the hug , surprisingly he hugs back. "Well my turn !" Niall said pushing Harry away "Hi I'm - Wow you're -Wow um Bye." he said and ran off  " Well that means its my turn . I'm Louis and you must be Angel . Welcome  to Hazza's house!".  Wow I barley understood what he said Niall just called me cute!! Who could think strait . " And I'm Liam and this is-" " VAS HAPPENING !!!!!!!!!!!" "That's Zayn !" . I just laughed "You guys didn't Have to introduce yourself you guys are 
 One Direction ." "Oh well now we are your family!" Harry said giving me a hug ." Awwwww group hug!" Anne said coming from behind the couch. We all  Hug and talk then Niall walks in looks at me I smile he smiles he walks back to his room . It would be wrong not to follow him.Right?
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