Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


2. Finding out

 Finally I'm off of that flying metallic death trap! I hate planes ! I hate the people on planes their so weird ! There was a guy with a goat tattooed on his head ! Any way after we got our bags there was a huge group off girls yelling . " Apple uh I gotta tell you something." my uncle said pulling me to the side " Um ok shoot !" he  started looking down then took a breath and said "Well you how Anne has a son?" " Yeah and a daughter where are we going with this?" He started to look away at Anne who signaled hurry up. " Well um her son is um well he -" "I'm NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER UNCLE ROB WHAT IS IT!" I yelled getting really impatient. " He is that curly haired green eyed god you are always talking abou-" I held my hand up telling him to hold on . Did he just say that Harry Styles is now my stepbrother ! Alright now I'm pissed " How long have you known ." I said not making eye contact with him. " I found out 3 days after I proposed ." he said looking down . I just stood too many thoughts rushing through my mind to say any thing but my thoughts were interrupted by my uncle saying " Look Apple I'm sorry it's just that you were so busy with school and I was enjoying my time with Anne I forgot all about it please don't be mad at me App-" " It's ok it's not your fault Dad." wait did I just call him dad? " Did you just call me dad?" I haven't called anyone that since 'You Know What' "Yeah I think I think I did ." I said with a slight smile spreading across my face . He hugged me I felt tears form in my eyes but I held them back . It felt great to have a Dad again. We went back to where Anne was " Did he tell you ? ( I nodd) oh I really hope you're not mad." She said . It's hard to stay or even be mad she is so sweet."I couldn't be mad at my Mom." as soon as I said that she was hugging me so hard I couldnt breathe. " Uh-I-bre-bre-th" Was all I could get out "Oh hahahaha sorry . Well we have to go meet the boys later so let's get going !" Wait did she just say THE BOYS as in my Niall wow this life is gonna take some getting used to.
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