Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


13. Feelings

   Zayn POV

   Omg I get it now ! They've been calling each other 'Babe' , Kisses on the cheek . THEY'RE DATING!!!!!! Ugh how come I didn't see this coming?! It's okay he can have her but as soon as he messes up she'll be mine, and then Know one can take her away .KNOW ONE. "Angel can I , talk to you ?" I ask her " Sure ! Unless we are going to the kitchen . No more kitchen!" She said wagging her finger in my face . I laugh a bit and say "Ok then I'm guessing that was a yes ?" She holds her hands out asking me to help her up . I pull her up but a bit to hard . We both fall over we start laughing until
 we noticed she's on top of me . She looks up at me making direct eye contact for about 15 seconds the hops up. Wow she has some of the most beautiful eyes ( Other than mine of course . J.K!) They are light Hazel with a hint of green . I just forgot what I was about to ask her.

Angel POV

OH.DEAR.GOD! His eyes are to die for . Their beautiful . Like shiny little light poop pellets - Ok bad example - I could stare into them all day he is getting even more attractive by the minute ! But I'm with Niall and its going to stay that way . I hope. We walk to a room with wooden floors and mirrors every where . "Um Angel are - Are you and Niall. You know a- A thing now?" he chokes out. I snap out of my gaze in the mirror and say " Well yes . Why ? " I say checking my hair once more before turning around. "Just - Just making sure my -Buddy is happy ." He sounds strange . Like hearing this just kills him . "Oh uh okay. So Mr.Malik do you dance ?" I say walking towards him . " Not really . I dabble Liam tries to teach me though." He says looking up at me . " Well I'm a dancer." I say doing a spin.  "Oh ? Are you." He says in a very seducing voice stepping closer . He is doing it again ! With those gorgeous EYES! " Um yeah . I could help you out ." I say stepping back . " Are you sure? I mean I'm a terri-" I Stop him and say "Don't even finish that sentence. You are not terrible you just have to try ." I place my hand on his Shoulder earning a slight grin . What is he doing he is leaning in  ? Oh fuck is he trying to kiss me !?!? UM UM C'MON ANGEL THINK  " Um ok so dancing right. Here try this." I say moving away from him doing a simple 8 count .  Surprisingly he actually got it all down quickly."See I told you you could do it !" I say patting his shoulder.He looks up at my me with kind eyes and says"I'll wait for you Angel." With that he walked out. What.The.Hell.Just.Happend?

Niall POV

It's okay it was an accident, Why would I be jealous . Im not jealous at all. Okay I am a little jealous . Okay I'm really jealous ! "Hey Zayn where's Angel I thought you guys were talking?" Liam says as Zayn walks in. " Oh uh she was trying to teach me to dance." Zayn says snapping out of whatever he was doing . "But you failed miserably and she kicked you out ." Louis said not looking up from his book . Everyone laughed even Zayn . "Hey guys -And Harry." Angel said skipping into the room . " What's that supposed to mean ?" Harry says "Nothing big brother . Nothing." She said patting his head and then coming over to me . "You never said you could dance." I whispered into her ear "Well for 1 you never asked and 2 I never said I couldn't ;)" She whispered back (Winking of course)  . Gosh she's cute . "Um this is Awko Taco but has anyone ever told you your butt hurts when you sit on their hand !" Angel Blurts out at Louis Who just sat down . He smushed his butt around just to annoy her before she got up .  "What the hell is a 'Awko Taco' Angel?" Harry took the words right out of my mouth . I look at Angel's facial expression . She looked a bit shocked . " Well, it means , Um ........ Hold on!!!" She said as she bolted out of the room dialing a number . "Well I'll go see what's up !" I say standing up "No you dont!!! NO NEED TO FEAR SUPERMAN IS HERE!!!!" Lou yelled borking up the stairs " Not if Captain Ireland can help it!!!!!!" I yell following right  behind him . "Will both of you hush I'm just calling a friend !" Angel yells "Does this 'Friend' have a name!" Zayn yells back ."Actually yes! His name is Josh."  Who.The.Flying.FUCK.Is.Josh?!?!?!?!?!?
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