Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


5. Family bonding!

Harry POV

     Well my sister looks just like the picture but 10 times better. But all feelings I get or have must be terminated . I mean c'mon she is my sister , well now .Something is really weird about Zayn & Niall ? Earlier they were just staring at each other like they were going to punch each other . I mean they know there is  a rule that states KNOWONE dates my sister ! Liam probably knows ' Hey wtf is up with Zayn and Niall ? x Hazza x' 
He replied in 10 seconds with 'I don't know As soon as Angel got here its like she was Zayns hair product or Niall's Nando's  xLeeYuhmx' Weird ? Oh here they come ! " Oh they you guys are ! So me and Rob are going to dinner and a movie so you guys , oh sorry Angel and girl will be here or whatever you all decide to do . I do hope Angel is welcomed with open arms-" " Oh don't worry I'll straighten em' out if needed." Angel said cracking her knuckles . Every one laughed but Rob " She is not kidding ." he said sternly "Yeah I wouldn't let the name fool you." She said smirking. " Wow I like her even more now !" I joked putting my arm over her shoulder. Rob still hadn't cracked a smile. "Apple can I talk to you. Like NOW." he said " Uh sure dad?" Apple?

Angel POV

  "Whats up Dad?" I said jumping onto the counter . " Look I don't want you to have another Matthew problem." Ok Matthew is my ex from 9th grade we dated for a month until I found out it was z dare and he lied claiming that I cheated and other stuff and it broke my heart but we are best freind's now I call him my big brother and he calls me his little sister  . " Dad look I know what You're worried about but I can handle myself I'll be 18 in 2 months ( its April now ) so don't stress . And even if I did or even think about going on a date with one of them they are all sweethearts." I say "Alright just be careful . Oh uh I kinda forgot to tell you you're sharing a room with Harry tonight ." he said zooming out of the kitchen afterwards . WHAT?!?!?!

 Harry POV

   Angel comes in looking angry yet confused "What's up Apple?" I say hoping to cheer her up . It worked she giggled and said "Is that a family nickname now ? " we all laughed and got to know each other a lot better , turns out she is a girl version of every one in 1D with a fighting side ! Love her already .
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