Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


9. Falling for you

Niall POV

Oh great now she probably hates me even more now " Niall go talk to her." Liam whispers . I nod get up and walk to where she ran to. I get to the door and knock " Im sorry I can't talk right now please leave a message after the beep."she said in a robotic voice. " Um ok Angel this is Niall I just wanted to say I'm so sorry . Uh talk to me when you get the chance." I say trying to be serious . I hear the door lock so I step back . But to my surprise the door slowly opens to reveal a red faced red eyed Angel . She looks to see if anyone else was there with me. She grabbed my collar and pulled me into the room with her which Im not going to lie actually turned me on a bit.

Angel POV

I pulled Niall into the room with me . " Welcome to my laboratory of sadness how may help you !" I said  going from ' :D ' to 'Bonquiqui' ." Look Angel I'm sorry I didnt mean to yell . It's just- its just that- Angel I have a huge crush on you and when you kissed Liam I  felt like you were mine and Know one else was allowed to touch you . But you're not you're - well I hope you are my friend . I'm really sorry." he said . I saw the tears in his eyes . I had no choice but to hug him . " Niall in sorry fir over reacting . And I have a crush on you too but I didnt want you to think it was because you were in 1D so I didn't say anything." He broke the hug looked at me and smiled. Oh I can't be mad at him he is too sweet " We just net today but I've grown to have kind of a 'Thing' for you ." he said flirtatiously . I giggled I looked down " And when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell ." he sang lifting my chin up so I was looking at him . " You are not making this easy for me Angel." he said " Not making what easy ?" Oh shit he wants to be and at me doesn't he ugh u knew it why am I so stupid .  " I really want to kiss you right now ." he whisper into my ear sending chills down my spine . I don't know what came over me but we kissed for a good 10 seconds . 'gracias a dios!' I thought. 

Niall & Angel POV 

I think I'm falling for you .  <3
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