Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


4. Easedropping!

   Niall POV 

      Wow . Really Niall all you could say was wow now she probably thinks I'm a real idiot. But she was really cute No she was  beautiful a dream . Should I say something to her how about "Hey Angel you look nice im Niall. No that's so stupid I can hear her giggling now . "Wait? I did hear giggling . I slowly open my door to see a shocked yet still beautiful Angel . " Oh I'm sorry I was just uh I was just looking for the bath room ." Wow she is a terrible liar "Sure you were its down the hall ." I chuckled out " I was just seeing if you were ok oh and you look nice as well ." she answered flirtatiously  "You herd that ? Oh you must think I'm an idiot ." she looked at the ground then at me ."Yeah . But your a cute idiot  ." Did she just call me cute ? I could feel my face getting redder by the second . "Well At least we have something in common ." I joked. "I guess you could say that ?" she giggled . 'I love your laugh ' I thought . " I love yours too ?" she giggled back " Did I say that out loud ?" She nodded yes " Angel ! Niall ! Could you cut the stupid live fest and get down stairs?" Zayn said running up stairs . Why did he look angry ? Me and Angel shot him a look . If looks could kill he'd be dead. 

 Zayn POV

      I saw Angel follow Niall so I eased dropped "Yeah but you're a cute idiot ." I heard Angel say . What we talked about this when we saw a picture of her know one gets to date her . After about 12 more minutes of their stupid conversation I walk half way up stairs yell their names and make a sneid comment . They both shoot me looks . Geez if looks could kill?
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