Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


12. Challenge accepted

Niall POV 

"Ok who ever can eat the most of of their table wins ." Harry said leading us to this big table covered with TONS of food . "Angel no matter how bad you lose just remember th-" I start "Take your own advice hun." she says and blows me a kiss. Gotta love her " On the count of three ready!" Zayn yells "1,2,3,LION!!!" Lou screams . Angel and I both start to eat I stop for second to drink when I see Angel is nearly done I go back to eating when I'm almost done I look at Angel's table and see it's completely clean . I see Angel sitting on the couch watching T.V  "How the hell ?" I say  . "Wha- Angel when did you finish ?" Harry says " Um I don't know about 20 minutes ago." she says . Everyone's jaws dropped "Sh- She - She beat me?" was all I could get out. "Awwwww it's ok Babe I still love you  she said walking towards me wrapping her arm over my shoulder and kissing my cheek. 

Angel POV 

I tried to warn him but 'Noooooo you're just a girl ' Yea I'm a fucking girl I'm a girl that just kicked your ass in an eating competition " Wow you are the queen." Lou says bowing . " Wait am I a princess or a queen ?" I say confused . Niall chuckles and says "You're my princess and the worlds eating Queen." . I blush "From now on my goal is to do what ever it takes to make you blush ." Niall whispers in my ear . I try not to but I feel my tan cheeks burn . Niall laughs and kisses my cheek . Lou walks into the other room ominously .

(Random )Louis POV 

I really like carrots . They taste like deliciousness ! " Lou ! What the hell are you doing ?!" Zayn yells "Huh ? Oh I'm just thinking ." I say "That sounds like a first." Angel giggles " I heard that Angel!" I retort . Xylophone . Hahah that's a funny word  " Hey Liam wanna hear a funny word ?" I ask " is it graphic ?" he ask . I shake my head . " ok what is it ?" he asks "XYLOPHONE !!!" I laugh out soon every one is laughing . I love moments like this .
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