Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


14. Awko Taco

Angel POV

 Gotta call Josh! Gotta Call Josh!! Answer please answer "Hello stranger!?"I hear his sleepy voice "Oh thank gosh! Hi ! Why are  you sleep its like 9 in America !" I say . "Well I never said I was in America now did I !" he says you can here the smile in his voice . "Where are you then- Oh my God Josh! I told you you didn't have to come!" I say happily but sternly at the same time . "I know , but I wanted to !" He is too sweet. Josh and I have been friends since we were born. He was born an hour before me in the same hospital our rooms  were requested by our moms to be right next to each others. Its a mom thing they were best friends, its complicated . So  he is basically my brother , my EXTREMELY Attractive brother ! But he has a girlfriend called Kate. She was always jealous of me I have No idea why , she just was . She would always brag about her and Josh only because she knew I liked him . Josh never really paid any mind to her . It was almost like he didn't eleven know they were in a relationship. Im over that , Danielle set her straight one day though. If you know what I mean ;) "So, you remember Awko taco? I forgot what it meant ." I ask "Yea it's just something random you'd say to downgrade the Strange moments. So you called me up just to ask that?" He can always make something sound smart and sexy at the same time. "Ok I also wanted to hear your lovely voice every time I do I get goosebumps all over! ( Notice the sarcasm) Yes I called you only for that , What did you think I wanted a cup of sugar ? I got to go though . I'll see you around , right?" I ask hopefully "Haha . Cute , And yes I will see you around" he says . We say our goodbyes and hang up  and I walk out , to face the drama that is ............ Jealousy!

Niall POV

Who is Josh?!?!! And why does MY PRINCESS need to talk to him so badly ?!?!?!!! "Niall , calm down. Its probably just an old friend ." Liam said placing his hand on my shoulder . I didn't even notice that my fist were clenched and my face red , boiling with rage. "Ok guys I remember now! Awko Taco means- Woah , babe are you okay?" Angel asked walking towards me . "Yeah , I'm fine continue on I'm alright ." I said faking a smile " If you say so , Any howzá Awko Taco is just something you say during awkward moments!" she says . We all look up when we hear " If I'm louder. Would you answer me!" play from Angels phone we all chuckle for a bit all except for Angel. She looks down at her phone and smiles ,  as a single tear falls from her eye trailing down her face. I immediately go to her side and whisper softly into her ear "Everything alright Princess?" She nods her head and showed me her phone. "Just a quick reminder that we all love you and L.A , Cheer and basically America ! Wont be the same without you. xDani:)x" I read aloud I noticed a picture attached to it . It's was Angel and 2 other people . At what looked like a school dance . Then another picture of Angel and those same people at Gymnasium , A giant trophy wearing Cheer outfits . And the last one was of 2 Little girls , and one Boy Standing in front of  very tall Tan man. "That's Me and my 2 best friends Josh, & Danielle." Angel said sniffling . "We did every thing together , That was the day my dad had surprised me and Josh on our 5th birthday." She said pointing at the picture of the children and the tall man . "Well where is He now?" I asked her . "He is in Narnia searching and searching for my Mom." she said cracking a slight smile "So he is-" Harry started. "Dead & so is my mom at least that what Im starting to think . But I didn't really know her she left when I was a baby. My dad remarried before He died , Then when he  died my stepmom remarried I got tired of her not being home and of Him being terrible to me , so she let me move with Rob." She said . Wow her life has been hectic , just me imagining it being me gives me the chills. "Oh I'm sorry." Harry says . "Don't be . " she says with another smile playing across her lips

Liam POV

After Angel told us about her family she said something about Josh and Niall tensed up. I got tired of waiting for Niall to ask and finally "ASK HER ALREADY NIALL!!" I snapped . " Ask me what babe?" Oops , I didn't mean to yell it. "Thank you Liam." Niall said under his breath. I just gave a shy smile and shrugged . "Is this about Josh?" Angel asked. Damn it's like she could read minds "Who knows , I probably can." She said giving me a wink. Ok mind blown . "It should be Liam . Any way Josh is an old friend nothing more , besides he has a girlfriend and she is a total Byotch." Angel said with a chuckle  "Ok how did you do that?" I asked. But when I looked up Angel was gone . "It's a gift." She said appearing behind me. I jumped and said "Or a curse ." She was good  ! "I'm just kidding I always do that it's easy , well for me at least ." She said the last part under her breath . "So you and this Josh boy just friends, right?" She nods at Niall. Ok Good every thing is settled and Niall is calm . Angel is going to have to teach me how to do that! She gives me a look . 'Im sorry I can't it's a family thing' I hear say but her lips don't move . I think this would be a perfect time to say 'Awko , Taco'
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