Angel by Day

Angel's uncle (Dad) Rob marries Harry styles mom do she has to adjust to her new life with 2 absolute hotties crushing on her


1. About me !

Ok do I'm going to start off with this my name is Angelic Chrisanthamome Rose Jade Marie Reed . Yes I know it's really long (TWSS). But people call me Angel my dad died when I was 10 and my mom decided to let me live with my uncle Rob so I guess he is my dad in a way? I'm 17 I'm mixed with black,Mexican , Indian, Irish and White . But my dominate is Black so yeah. My uncle left for a while to spend time with his fiancé sadly I've never met her because she lives in London but I'm meeting her tomorrow whoo hoo :[ . But the good thing is she is in london if we move there maybe ill meet my husband Niall James Freaking Horan ( like that will ever happen). Anyway she has two kids one boy and one girl who are a bit older than me so I guess thats good." Apple I'm home !" oh yeah my uncle insists on calling me Apple . " I'm up here !" I yelled from 3 stories up . It's hard to believe only two people live here. " I've got something for you!" he yelled as I ran down the stairs. He usually bought me a new book or a hat " What is it?" I asked " I want you to meet Anne ." he said as a beautiful girl with long brown hair walked in and hugged me " Wow you must be Angel it's so nice  to meet you I've heard so much about you !" she said still hugging me  . " Its nice to meet you to Anne .um I thought you had kids?" I said breaking the hug ." Oh yeah they are still in Cheshire ." I don't know why but she seems so familiar to me . " Oh Apple we are leaving early  . Go get your bags ! Go go go ! " my uncle Rob yelled . I walk back to my now half empty room I  and we finish getting every thing in the moving can and head to airport.
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