Small Bump

One day Carmela is just a normal girl that goes to her best friend William's party. The next day she is pregnant with Zayn Malik's baby. Zayn comes back and finds out the baby is his. They move in together in Zayns flat in london and Zayn is practically always gone. Carmela is practically always left alone. And pregnant.


5. Chapter 5

After discussing a bunch of other stuff that was worthless I decided to go with William to his house and then get him to drive me to the shopping centre. When we arrived at William house he blindfolded me and led me inside. When we reached the house and entered the front entrance William took off my blindfold. Right in front of me was a brand new crib and change table set. 
"William you didn't have to!" I yelled attacking him with hugs. 
"oh really it was nothing in mean being god-father I should be responsible for my god-baby." he said winking at me. He will never understand how grateful I am for this.
"anyway thank you willy. I love you" I said hugging him again and leaving him with a big sloppy kiss on the cheek.
"I'll pick it up later. now can you drive me to the shops?" I asked hopefully.
"nope that's my god-babies present. now for your birthmad present." William said taking a little box out from behind the television. He handed it to me. It was a little forest green box. But bigger than a ring box. I opened it to reveal the cutest little gold and vibrant green/yellow owl necklace. I immediately took it out and put it on. It hung up until under my boobs but above my belly button. It kind of sat on my baby bump but when it goes away it will hang so cutely. 
"thank you so much willy!" I yelled again hugging him. 
"now can we go to the shops?" I asked again. 
"fine." he finally gave in. He drove me to the nearest shops soi could do my Christmas shopping. First I went to the shoe store and got William a pair of white Supra's. I then made my way over to a little kiosk that sells homemade yarn stuff and I bought Waliyah and Doniya their matching beanies and glove sets. I then made my way to HMV and got that Britney spears CD. I went into a department store and got a blue pinstripe tie for my dad and the Barbie for Saffaa. I paid and then made my way to the antique store that sells that really pretty vase. I payed and then went to Jack Wills to try and look for something to buy Zayn. Thats when i saw it. A really nice blue jack wills hoodie. I quickly bought it and some jeans for Zayn then made my way to the antique shop again. I made my way to the mirrors and found this really girly one with flowers and fairies and butterflies. I bought it and made my way home to pack it all up in gift bags. When I got home I headed straight for the basement. We kept all our wrapping paper and gift bags down there. I put Zayns stuff in a bag. Same with Waliyah and Doniyah's gloves and hats. Williams I put in the box for an old coffee maker and wrapped it. Same with the vase I bought for the Malik's. I put my dads present in a really small gift bag.  And I wrapped Saffaa's Barbie in wrapping paper. By now it was really late and I was getting tired. I went into the kitchen and made a few hot dogs in the microwave. I ate them quickly and my father still wasn't home. I went upstairs and fell asleep quickly because I knew tomorrow would be Christmas morning and also one daycloser to London.
~the next day~
I opened my eyes slowly realizing I forgot to close my curtains last night before I went to bed. I slowly got up stretching and yawning along the trip downstairs. I made my way to the kitchen to find my fathers car keys werent where they were supposed to be.
Where could he be? 
I begun making blueberry waffles like every other christmas morning. I had just finished one batch and put another on when the doorbell rang.
"one minute!" I yelled cleaning the pancake mix off my hands with a paper towel. I ran to the door and opened it to find Zayn and Saffaa.
"oh, hi" I said suddenly getting very embarrassed  of my tow mater pajama pants. 
"hey" Zayn said wrapping me into a huge hug.  I hugged him back feeling suddenly warm and fuzzy inside.  I pulled back hesitantly. I always feel safe in Zayn's arms. So I was very hesitant. 
"hey Saffaa merry Christmas" I said pulling the little girl into a hug. She immediately hugged me back. 
"hi Carmela merry Christmas" she said very happily.
"do you want to come in? I made pancakes and you can have some and then open your presents" I said doing a grand entrance gesture with my arms.  They walked in and followed me into the kitchen. I went over to the grill and flipped my pancakes which, might I say, were very delicious looking. 
"here you go Mr.Malik" I said placing a plate of four or five pancakes in front of Zayn.
"and you Saffaa" I said placing a plate of two in font of her. They said their thank you's and I went to my room to get their presents. I grabbed Zayns and Saffaa's presents and made my way back down stairs to find Zayn helping himself to more pancakes. And Saffaa still eating hers. I placed her present in front of her. Then in placed Zayn's  present in the spot he was sitting in. 
I should really eat but I'm to excited for them to see their gifts. 
"ohhhh presents!" Saffaa exclaimed unwrapping hers eagerly.
"presents? Babe you didn't have to" zayn said sitting down with another huge plate of pancakes.
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