Small Bump

One day Carmela is just a normal girl that goes to her best friend William's party. The next day she is pregnant with Zayn Malik's baby. Zayn comes back and finds out the baby is his. They move in together in Zayns flat in london and Zayn is practically always gone. Carmela is practically always left alone. And pregnant.


4. Chapter 4

The next day I woke up and got ready to go to the Malik's to have some breakfast and talk about the arrangements with the baby.
I showered quickly struggling a little because of my big belly.  When I finished drying off I slipped on a pair of black tights and a sweater that resembled Louis'  'lesbian' sweater from last night.  I slid on my hot pink UGG's and grabbed my beige purse off my arm chair in my bedroom. I slid down the staircase. 
"dad!" I called up the stairs.
"what?" a very groggy sounding voice came from upstairs. But it wasn't my dad it was William.
"oh! Willie did you stay in the guest room?" I asked when he descended the stairs and reached me. He lifted his right hand and rubbed his eyes yawning. He nodded. 
"well I'm off to the Malik's wanna come?" I asked my bestfriend.
"sure just give me five" he said walking back upstairs to the guest room. Is it awkward that my bestfriend is a guy yet he has clothes in my guest room? And we have never done anything.......intimate. I checked my phone. 1 missed call and 1 new message. The call was from my dad. And so was the text. I checked the message. 
Dad: hey Carmela I stayed at a friends house last night. I'm not going to able to go to the Malik's with you I have to work. Get Willie to go with you or something.  Lots of love daddy <3 Xx 
Oh just great. First my father doesn't support the fact that zayn is the father of my child. Then he goes and bangs a girl. Then he cant even make a good enough excuse to skip breakfast at the Malik's.  He works at home. In our own fucking house! He uses the computer for jackall. 
William walked down as soon as I turned my phone off. He was wearing his usual. Dark wash jeans and a colored V-neck.  This time his VNeck was purple.   
"ready to go?" I asked.
"yup" he said as we walked out the front door. I went to go hop in my orange SRX when William pulled me over to his car. A white piece of junk.
"why?" was all I said.
" because we have to go to my house after we finish at the Malik's to do something special" he said winking at me.
"wait. William what day is it?" I asked cautiously.
"only the one and only 25th of December." he said super excitedly. It was my birthday! And Christmas. Oh shit. I didn't buy presents. I guess ill be shopping later. But not for many people. Just the Malik's, my dad, William and Zayn. I already know what to get Willie. He wants a pair of supra's and I'm going to get him a Britney spears CD. The cd is and inside joke between us. William said the time he lost his virginity the girl was playing Britney spears. That was an awkward conversation. But led to a really funny joke between us. For zayn I'm absolutely not sure what to get. My father I'll get the stereotypical tie. The Malik's. Well for Saffaa I want to get a Barbie or something. For Waliyah and Doniyah I want to get each a scarf, hat and Gloves with the flaps that one second they're fingerless and the next they're a mitten. I want to get waliyah a purple one and Doniyah a blue one. For Mr and Mrs.Malik I want to get this really pretty vase that I saw in the window of an antique store. It was white and had green grass and soft pink butterfly's on it. It was made entirely out of glass. It was so pretty and I think it would look beautiful in thier living room. 
"carmy? Carmy? We're here" Willie said snapping his fingers in front of my face. 
"huh? What?" I asked. I looked out the window. We had arrived at the Malik's that's what Willie probably wanted. I slowly lifted myself out of the car. I hobbled or waddled or however you want to call my way of transportation up to the door. I knocked with William right behind me. This time waliyah opened the door. 
"hey way!" I said.
"oh.hey carmela." she said groggily. Wow she must've just woken up or something.  
"oh yeah come in." she said moving aside. Me and Willie stepped in. 
"were in here!" I heard someone call from the kitchen. Me and William both slid our shoes off and walked over to the kitchen. Well William walked I hobbled. 
"hi Carmela." zayn was the first to greet me. I sat down at the table.  William sat next to me. He leaned over and whispered in my ear "happy birthday carmy" he said quiet enough for just us to hear. When he leaned away I felt eyes on me and possibly William. I looked up to see Zayn shooting daggers at Willie but when our eyes locked he smiled his award winning breath taking smile at me.  "happy birthday Carmela" Zayn said. So I guess he head William. All of a sudden I heard a phone blaring. It was like one of those ringtones that the phone comes with. Zayn pulled a blackberry out of his pocket and answered. 
"Ello? Lou? Happy birthday!" I heard zayn say before walking into the other room. When he came back he was off the phone and had a box in his hands. It was wrapped really nicely. He handed it to me. He leaned down next to my ear and whispered.
"this is just a bit of your present love." he said to me. I ripped open the wrapping paper and carefully picked up the box. I daintily opened it to reveal a gorgeous necklace. On it was the birthstone of December. I picked up the necklace and looked at the jewel in awe. I turned the gem around and found that on the back engraved was 'I will never leave you or our perfect little family' I felt a tear roll down my face. 
"Zayn it's gorgeous" I said wiping away the tear.
"want me to help put it on?" Zayn asked.
"sure" I said lifting my hair off my shoulders. Zayn placed the necklace on me as if I was porcelain. Mrs.Malik placed a big plate of food on the table just as Mr.Malik sat down with the morning newspaper and a cup of coffee. 
Halfway through breakfast Mr.Malik piped up.
"so have you guys decided where you wanna live yet?" he asked.
"I'm not sure." I said.
"I dont know maybe my flat in London?" zayn asked. I smiled.  Living in London. I have always wanted to go and one time almost made it but Ryan called me and told me I had to come over and help him with his maths or he would fail. And of course being me I went and he got and A+. I work magic sometimes. Just saying. 
"I'd like London" I said. Better than staying here in Bradford where the biggest apartment is two rooms and a bath room and kitchen. I'd much rather live in London where Zayn's job is also.
"have you decided on any names?" Mrs.Malik asked.
"we haven't together but I thought of some alone. I like the names Tristan, Kieran and Cameron for boys and Alexis and Abbie for a girl." I said.  Mrs.Malik nodded her head.
"what names do you like Zayn?" William asked.
"I like Tristan and Kieran." he said.
I finished and put my plate in the sink. 
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