Small Bump

One day Carmela is just a normal girl that goes to her best friend William's party. The next day she is pregnant with Zayn Malik's baby. Zayn comes back and finds out the baby is his. They move in together in Zayns flat in london and Zayn is practically always gone. Carmela is practically always left alone. And pregnant.


3. Chapter 3

"ready?" William asked for the second time tonight. 
"yes" I said breathing deeply.
We approached the front door of the Malik house. I knocked lightly. A few seconds later zayns little sister Safaa opened the door.
"Safaa!" I yelled wrapping my arms around her.
"Carmela! It's so good to see you! It's been forever!" Safaa cheered.
"please please come in." Safaa said gesturing to me and William.
"Safaa where's your mum?" I asked. 
"over here with waliyha and zayn" Safaa said leading me over to where her mother was standing.
"Carmela! It's so good to see you! It's been forever!" mrs.Malik exclaimed enveloping me in a hug. Weird two Malik's said that to me already today.
"mrs.malik! It's so good to see you!" I exclaimed hugging her back.
"hey zayn" I waved once I pulled apart from the hug. I looked out into the living room. There I found William chatting with doniyha zayns other sister. 
"waliyah, could you excuse us for a second?" I asked her. My father had just entered and approached us with mr.malik.
"could we go into the other room possibly?" I asked sugar sweet. 
"of course" mrs.Malik said 
She lead us into another room which I suppose was zayns. It had a nice single bed against the far wall. The bed had a blue and white plaid pattern. There was a desk and a set of draws nothing unusual. A few posters.
"so as you all know I'm pregnant" I announced.
"but none of you know the father." I continued. I looked around the room. Everyone was staring at me with a blank expression. Except zayn he had a smug grin on his face.
"the father is" I paused to exhale "Zayn"
"zayns a father?" mr.malik said. Or asked. I nodded.
"im so proud my boys becoming a man!" he continued in joy. Mrs.Malik was smiling. My father though, he was scowling. The Malik's seemed happy about it yet my father didn't.  
"so are you going to get married?" mrs.Malik asked.
"we honestly didn't think about it." I said in complete honesty.
"well when the baby is born you it should have both parents around so you of course have to move in together." Mr.Malik said smiling. They were taking this well. But my dad wasn't. I will be having a long talk with him when I get home..
"that would be great" zayn said a smile forming on his face. My cheeks reddened at zayns response to his parents. 
"of course for the child to have both parents around" zayn said awkwardly probably thinking he messed up. 
"so are we all good?" I asked standing up from where I was sat next to zayn on the bed. 
"we will begin planning everything tomorrow morning." mrs.Malik said before turning and leading both my dad and mr.malik out the door. As soon as the door closed I sat back down and I turned to zayn.
"well your parents took that well. My dad not so much." I said chuckling lightly.
"ya. What was up with your dad?" zayn asked putting on one of the most adorable questioning faces ever.
"I'm not sure but im having a talk with him later about it." I said honestly to zayn.
"hey wanna go meet the lads?" zayn asked suddenly.
"umm....sure?" I said sounding more of a question.
Zayn lead me out of the room and back into the living room.
He lead me over to four guys standing in the corner talking to mrs.malik.
"Carmela, this is liam Louis Niall and harry.The other lads on my band, lads this is Carmela." zayn said pointing first to a boy with short hair that was shorter than the rest of was brown and side swept. He was wearing a plaid button up. Second zayn pointed to another boy with brown side swept hair which was a little longer and he was wearing a gray 'lesbian'sweater and red pants. Third he pointed to a blonde guy who was wearing a red polo shirt even though it was freezing outside.  And lastly zayn pointed to curls from earlier.
"hey Harry. Hi others" I said waving awkwardly.
I spent the rest of the Malik's party chatting with random people. It turns out Niall is the only non-British in Zayn's band.  Nialls Irish. I also learnt that during XFactor Zayn dated Rebecca Ferguson. 
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