Small Bump

One day Carmela is just a normal girl that goes to her best friend William's party. The next day she is pregnant with Zayn Malik's baby. Zayn comes back and finds out the baby is his. They move in together in Zayns flat in london and Zayn is practically always gone. Carmela is practically always left alone. And pregnant.


2. Chapter 2

%end of flashback%
I had already walked through my front door from the bus stop.
The rest of that day was just boring we ended up getting breakfast from McDonald's and then going to the Bradford stables where I keep my few horses. Poppit including. That day I rode Poppit, Emme, Charlie and Henry. But the entire time it just didn't feel right. Something was up. Now I know what was up. That month I was late my period and never did get it. Considering I'm pregnant.  I now know why. I cant even fit in my jodhpurs and polo let alone my saddle. 
Right now all I fit in is tights and sweaters. But that's fine. It's winter here in Bradford so I won't mind. About a week after the party zayn left to go audition for The XFactor. He made it through to bootcamp. But then didn't want to dance so they let him go.. But they brought him back and now he's in the boy band one direction. 
My dad likes to joke around and call them 'one dimension'. I yell at him for it. But I always feel bad about it because he is still going through the depression stage of my mothers death. 
She died in a car crash on the way to the store to buy milk. It was late one sunday evening and my dad asked if she could run to the 24 hour store to buy milk. On the way there she was hit by a drunk driver. My father blamed it on himself because he could have went to get the milk not her. 
Anyway. Today me and William were going out. We were going shopping. Not really a guy thing but he likes to accompany me incase any..... Accidents happen.  William dumped Patricia about two weeks after I found them erm.. On the counter Instead of a bed.  Hes now dating one of the twins Kaitlyn. She was the only one of the popular group that I actually kind of liked. She was not fake in any way. Her hair was still natural except for one blue streak. She was a natural blonde. Unlike the others in the popular group. She actually looked good with the blue streak though. Anyways I went and changed into a big pink wool knitted sweater and some black tights. I slipped on my pink UGGS. And grabbed my bag. 
"I'm going to the mall with willy daddy!" I shouted into my house from the front door.
"okay be back by 6 for the party" I heard before I shut the front door behind me. What party? I thought. Then it hit me. The Malik's are having a Christmas party. Dear god save me. 
I walked through the streets of Bradford toward the mall where I would be meeting William. I heard people snicker and laugh and judge me but I don't care I just kept walking. When I finally reached the mall I walked in. I walked over to the maternity store. Pulling my phone out I sent willy a text
To: Villiam is de best;)
Meet me in front of the maternity store. -love always carmy Xx.
From: Villiam is de best;)
Pourque? -love you too. Willy Xx.
To: Villiam is de best;) 
Because the Malik's are having that Christmas party tonight and I don't really want to show up in a big sweater and tights. -almost annoyed carmy.Xx.

"Carmela Guss!" I heard the most familiar voice ever shout.
"willy" I yelled running over to him. I gave him a really big bug and lead him into the maternity store. In the maternity store I chose out this really cute Christmas sweater that fit me and my baby belly perfectly. And those mama with a belly jeans that have the tummy pullover thing. The sweater was beige and had red deer all around it in a pattern. Then it had white snowflakes decorating the rest of it. (A/N: picture on side. Just pretend it's a girl sweater.) I took it and payed. 
"c'mon carmy let's go to HMV now." willy said pulling me towards HMV. When we got there there was a thousand girls screaming and holding up signs. 
"Harry Harry gimme some of your gravy!" one girl screamed.
"Niall I'll be your princess!" another yelled.
"Louis! I'll share my carrots with you!" some girl yelled in my ear. 
"Liam! I didn't use a spoon!" 
This all sounded so familiar.
"zayn! You can have my mirror!" some girl yelled holding up a mirror.
Then it struck me.  This was zayns band here for a signing. I used my hand and felt around for William. But I couldn't find him.
"willy!" I yelled above all the screams of girls.
I shoved my way through until I saw the mop of hair that was William. He was talking to someone. A certain someone I really want to avoid. Zayn. I walked over to William and zayn. 
"hey Carmela" zayn said smiling at me.
"hi" I mumbled back. 
"carmy? I couldn't find you anywhere but I found zayn and we started talking." willy said enveloping me in a hug.  
"Carmela, what is that?" Zayn asked pointing to my stomach.
"my stomach?" I said stupidly.
"why is it so big?" he asked pulling me aside.
"ummm....... I'm just a little pregnant?" I said. It came out more of a question.
"WHAT? With who?" he asked panicking.
"erm...I have only slept with umm... One" I said very quickly hoping he wouldn't hear. I still had that very big crush on him but I am not sure if the feeling was mutual. 
Next thing he did was what I expected. He fainted. Good god. 
A boy with very floppy curls came running over.
"what happened to zayn?" he asked me.
"he fainted." I said shrugging.
"uh...why?" he asked me again.
"cause I told him something very extremely important" I said shrugging again.
"important like what?" he asked.
"like umm.... I might be pregnant with his child?" I said more of a question.
"oh.ok. I'm Harry" he said sticking his hand out to me.
"Carmela." I said shaking his hand.
"so Carmela. Your pregnant with zayns child?" Harry asked me.
"maybe." I said walking with Harry into HMV.
"ok.louis!" he shouted for this Louis guy.
"what hazzabear?" a guy in red chinos and a striped shirt said walking in. Right behind him as zayn and William.
"nothing I was going to ask you to go get zayn but it looks like this lad beat ya to it." Harry said. Pointing to william and zayn. 
I walked over to zayn and willy. I wrapped my arms around willy for support. The baby was kicking and it hurt. 
"oh I'm sorry I didn't know you two were dating." zayn said pointing to me and William.
"umm....ya no. We're not dating." William said for both me and him.
"oh. So Carmela is the baby really mine?" zayn asked.
"yup. " I said confidently.
"ow!" I yelled clutching my stomach. Clinging to Williams waist with my other hand. 
"shhh carmy everything is going to be fine." William said in a calming voice.
"what's wrong?" zayn asked obviously kind of panicking.
"baby.kicking. Baby. Is. Kicking. Bloody.hurts." I said through gritted teeth. This child will grow up to be a fricking wrestler or something. William put his hand on my stomach feeling around for the baby kicking. Once he found the spot he stopped.
"wow he's really kicking." willy said smiling.
"can I feel?" zayn asked pointing to my stomach. 
"of course" I said beaming and grabbing his hand. I put it on my stomach right where the baby was kicking. 
"it almost feels like there is two kicking." zayn said smiling. 
"definitely." I said smiling. If only zayn would stick around to be the baby's father. 
"so are you coming to my parents christmas party tonight?"zayn asked me.
"yup" I said smiling.
"should we...uh... You know...tell my parents?" he asked me. 
"they should know. And while you were gone I have been keeping in touch with them so they know I'm with child. So it solely is your choice." I said. I had rehearsed telling zayn and let me tell you it was nothing like this.
~later that day~
I had just changed into my outfit I bought today. In an hour me and zayn would have to face our parents. My dad didn't even know the babies father was zayn. 
"Carmela! William is here!" my dad yelled from downstairs.
"coming" I yelled downstairs pacing myself down the stairs. William was standing at the door his hands in the pocket of his jeans. He was wearing blue jeans and a dress shirt. His shirt was tucked in. He looked cool. I guess.
"ready to go?" he asked.
"not really" I said under my breath. I smiled at my best friend as he lead me out the door. We drove in his car over to the Malik's. This will probably be one of the best moments of my life yet one of the worst.
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