Beautiful Thing (Jay Mcguiness Love Story)

Daisy Dale has been Max Geroge's best friend since they were little, when Max introduced Daisy to the other member on The Wanted, Jay and Daisy became very close now they have been dating for 6 months and nothing can break them apart.


11. Visiting Mum and Dad's grave pt 2

Jay's POV

I wonder how Daisy's holding up. We should cheer her up. We were currently at our interview.

"Good morning, we are here with none other than The Wanted, how are we this morning?" the host asked

"We're great thanks" Siva replies

"That's good, now you came off tour 2 months ago am I correct" the host replies

"Your absolutely correct, we did a tour in America" Max replies

"Now Jay, I heard that you proposed to your girlfriend" the host replies

"Yeah I proposed last night at our 1 year anniversary dinner" I replied

"Is she here today?" she asked

"Unfornately not, you see today is the anniversary of her parents death" I replied

"That's a shame, now Max you were childhood friends with Daisy" she replies

"Yeah we were in the park one day and I asked her to come an play with me, and we have been best friends ever since" Max replies

"Awww that's sweet" she replies

"We are going to go for a break, and after The Wanted are going to sing 'Lose my mind' live, stay tuned" she replies.

"Hey mates how can we cheer up Daisy?" I asked

"I don't know" Max replies

"Welcome back, we are still here with The Wanted, now they are going to sing 'Lose my Mind'" the host replies

Max, Tom, Siva, Nathan and I got up and we started singing 'Lose my Mind'. After the song we shook the host's hand and went to our photo shoot.

To: Daisymybabe
How are you holding up
From: Jaybird

To: Jaybird
I'm holding up just fine
From: Daisymybabe


Daisy's POV

My phone vibrated on the bedside table. I got up and checked it.

To: Daisymybabe
How are you holding up
From: Jaybird

Should I tell him the truth or lie.

To: Jaybird
I'm holding up just fine
From: Daisymybabe


The truth was I was feeling crap. I haven't left my room since I got p to get a bottle of water. I decided to get up and go outside. I got in my car and drove to Manchester to visit my parents grave. Once I got there I parked the car and walked to their graves.

"Hey mum, I miss you like everyday, I'm engaged to my wonderful boyfriend boyfriend, you would love him, he's in a band with Max. You remember Max, he misses you too. I sung your song today for the first time. I wish you were here with me. So I could ask you advise. I miss our girl talks, I'm going to visit dad now love you mum" I replied holding in my tears.

I moved to dad's grave stone.

"Hey daddy" I replied

If you don't know I'm a daddy's girl and always will be.

"I miss you alot, I wish you could see me now, I'm engaged to my boyfriend, I know you would have approved of me marrying or even dating him, he's sweet, kind, caring, warm hearted boy, oh and he's vegetarian as well. He's also in a band with Max and 3 other lads. I sung for the first time in 6 years. I live with the lads because my apartment was on fire, and the kitchen and lounge room were totally destroyed. Not a day goes bye wishing you were here with your little girl. You know how you were bugging me to play guitar. I finally got the courage to pick the guitar up and play it. I have been playing for 5 years now. I sung mum's song today. And sung a song I made up myself today. You would be proud because you're my daddy and I'll always be your little girl. I've got to get going miss you to bits." I replied sobbing.

I blew daddy and mum a kiss. I got in my car and drove home. It was about 1:30 when I got home. I parked the car and walked inside. I went into the kitchen and got something to eat. I went into the lounge and turned on the telly. I changed the channel and watched 'Night at the Musem'. The door opened and the lads came in and saw me in the lounge. Jay comes over and lays on top of me.

"Hey babe, how was the interview and the photoshoot?" I asked

"It went really well" Jay replies

"Does anyone want a cuppa?" I asked

"Sure I'll take one" Jay replies

"What about you other lads?" I asked

"Sure thanks" Max replies

"I'll have one" Nathan replies

"Yeah sure" Tom replies

"What about you Siva?" I asked

"Um yes please" Siva replies

"Alright, um Jay in order to make you a cuppa, I will be needing to get up" I replied

"But your comfy" Jay whines

"I'll be right back" I assured Jay

Jay got up and I went into kitchen and turned on the kettle.

"What did you do while we were gone?" Tom asked

"Um I played my guitar and went for a drive" I replied

While the kettle boiled I got out some biscuits. After making 6 teas I walked back into the lounge and gave one to Max and Tom. Then got the others and came back into the lounge, along with the biscuits. I got up from my spot and went into the kitchen and washed up my cup. As soon as I sat down, Jay laid his head down on my lap.

"Tired babe" I asked

"Ah ha" Jay replies

"What do you guys what for dinner?" I asked

"Um pizza" Tom replies

"Okay so 2 large pizza and 2 vegetarian lasagnes" I replied

The guys nodded

"Okay so can someone get me the phone please" I asked

Tom nodded and grabbed the phone. I grabbed the phone and dialed the pizza number.

Hello this is Pizza Mania my name is Samuel, what can I get you?" sam asked

"Hi can I please get 2 large pizzas, 3 garlic breads, 2 vegetarian lasagnes and a bottle of coke" I asked

"So that's 2 large pizzas, 3 garlic breads, 2 vegetarian lasagnes and a bottle of coke, pick up or drop off" Sam asked

"Um drop off please" I replied

"So that would be £29.70. It will be delivered in the next half an hour" Sam replies

"Thank you, have a great night" I replied hanging up.

"Next half an hour" I replied

Jay starts to fall asleep as I played with his curls.

"Babe why don't you go for a shower, then dinner will be here then you can go to bed" I replied

"That's not a bad idea babe" Jay replies

Jay got up. Kissed my cheek. And went upstairs to have a shower. 20 minutes later there was a knock on the door.

"Do you want me to get it?" I asked

"No I got it" Max replies

Max got up off the floor and went to answer it.

"That would £29.70 please" the boy replies

Max handed him the money and grabbed the pizzas, garlic breads and lasagnes. I got up from my seat and went into the kitchen and grabbed 6 glasses. I walked back into the lounge and saw Jay sitting down. I placed the glasses down and grabbed 2 knives and 2 forks and walked back into the lounge. Handed Jay a knife and fork.

"Thanks babe" Jay replies

"Anytime" I replied

I grabbed 4 pieces of garlic breads 2 for me and 2 for Jay. After dinner we decided to watch toy story 1 and 2.

"When do you want to start planning the wedding?" I asked Jay

"As soon as possible so we can get it over and done with, what do you say?" Jay replies

"I couldn't agree more, than that way we can start having a family" I whispered in Jay's ear.

I could see Jay's face lit up like a child on Christmas day. Then he turned nto a rhubarb.

"Well I'm going to bed, night guys" I replied

"Night Daisy, hope you are feeling better tomorrow" Max replies

"Night babe" Jay replies

I kissed Jay goodnight. Got up and headed towards my bedroom.

"Goodnight mum and daddy" I whispered

I changed into pjs and climbed into bed and fell asleep.

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