Beautiful Thing (Jay Mcguiness Love Story)

Daisy Dale has been Max Geroge's best friend since they were little, when Max introduced Daisy to the other member on The Wanted, Jay and Daisy became very close now they have been dating for 6 months and nothing can break them apart.


3. The Hospital

Jay's POV

We got to Daisy's street and saw smoke coming from somewhere. We were almost up to Daisy's house, when we saw her and Bailey's apartment on fire.

"Stop, stop, STOP" I shouted

Max stops the car and I get out and ran over to the house. I saw Bailey being taken off to the hospital, and saw Daisy getting put into the back of one. Nathan, Siva, Max and Tom came over.

"Oh god is she okay, what about Bailey?" Tom asks

"We don't know until we check them" a paramedic replies

"Do you know what happened?" Max asked on the verge of tears.

"We don't know until we check the house" a fire officer replies walking over.

"Is it alright is I got with her?" I asked politely.

"And what relation are you?" the paramedic asks

"I'm her boyfriend" I replied holding back my tears.

The paramedic nodded and I hopped into the ambulance.

"Meet us at teh hospital" I replied

Max nodded. They got in the car. One of the paramedics closed the door and we headed off to the hospital. They took Daisy and Bailey into a room to check them over. I sat in the waiting room. Max, Siva, Tom and Nathan came over and sat with me.

"How long were they in that house? When did the fire start?" I though to myself

"Mate, she's going to be okay" Tom said rubbing my back.

"But how long were they in the house? When did the fire start?" I asked

"We don't know until Daisy or Bailey is awake." Max replies

The doctor comes out and into the waiting room.

"Hello are you here for Bailey Willis and Daisy Dale?" the doctor asked

"Yes, how are they?" Tom asked

"Bailey is awake, but Daisy is still unconscious, you are welcome to see Bailey if you want, just down the hall on your right and Daisy is on the left" the doctor replies

We walked off to see Bailey.

"Hey mate how are you?" Max asked

"I'm alright, how's Daisy?" Bailey asked

"She's still unconscious" Tom replies

I walked off to Daisy's room. I got to her bed. I sat down on a chair and held her hand.

"Everything is going to be okay, you're safe now, I love you" I said kissing her hand.

Tears started streaming down my face. In the other room Bailey was telling the lads what happened. Max comes in and sees Daisy.

"What did Bailey say?" I asked wipping the tears away.

"Well he said that he woke up to the fire alarm going off and the smoke was too heavy, he just ended up collapsing." Max replies


Daisy's POV

Even though I was still unconscious I could still hear. My eyelids started flickering.

"Daisy?" Jay replies

I opened my eyes fully and saw Jay and Max standing beside me.

"Hey" I said hoarsely

Max and Jay hug me, then Jay kisses me. I pulled back.

"Oh your present is at home" I said mentally slapping myself

"Don't worry about it, all that matters is that your okay" Jay replies

"Can I ask you a question?" Max asked

I nodded and sat up.

"What happened?" Max asksed

"I don't know really, one minute I was in bed and the next thing I'm woken up by the fire alarm, I walked down to find Bailey, but couldn't see him, I rang the emergency number then fell unconscious" I explained

"That's the same as what Bailey said, that the fire alarm was going off" Max replies

"Bailey up" I said excitedly

The nurse walks in and sees me up.

"Nice to see you up Miss Dale, is there anything I can get you?" she asked

"I wouldn't mind a glass of water" I replied

"I'll be right back with your water" she replies

"Thank you" I replied

The nurse walks off and I look at Max and Jay.

"What am I going to do with clothes because when I woke up I was still in my pjs?" I asked

"I think you've got a pair of clothes at our place" Jay replies

"I'll go and get them" Max replies

Max smiled and hugged me. Max walked out and goes next door.

"There's someone next door you should see" Max replies

Nathan, Siva and Tom shared a confused look, but shrug and went next door. As soon as they walk in they see me up and talking to Jay. Tom's the first to run and hug me.

How are you feeling?" Tom asked

"A little sore throat, nothing more" I replied

"That's good" Tom replies

The next is Nathan to hug and kissed my forehead.

"When are you getting out?" Nathan asked

"I haven't got a clue" I replied

The nurse comes back in with some water.

"Thank you, do you know when I'm getting out?" I asked

"I don't know I'll find out" she replies

I nodded and she walked out. I drank some water and my throat felt a bit better. I put the cup on the table next to the bed. Siva comes up to me and hugs me and kisses my cheek.

"I'm so happy that your okay" Siva replies

"Just one more question" I replied

"And what's that?" Tom replies

"Is my apartment alright" I replied

"We don't know" Nathan replies

Then the doctor comes in.

"Daisy there's some police officers here to talk to you" the doctor replies

"Okay" I replied

The police officers come in.

"Hi Daisy, how are you?" the police woman asked

"I'm alright" I replied

"That's good, we have some questions for you, do you know how the fire started?" the police woman asked

"No I don't, I woke up this morning from the fire alarm, I walked downstairs to see my house mate but couldn't because of the smoke. When I did see him he was in the kitchen unconscious" I replie

"Alright, what's the last thing you member last night?" the policeman replies

"Talking on the phone with these guys" I said pointing to Tom, Nathan, Jay and Siva.

"So you don't know what might of caused the fire?" the policewoman asked 

"Sorry no" I replied

"That's okay" the police officer replies

"How's my apartment?" I asked

"The lounge and kitchen are totally distroyed, there is no way you can repair the kitchen or the lounge" the police woman replies

"Well that's all the questions we have, have a good day" the police officer replies

"I'll try" I replied

The police officers walked off and went into the next room. I cracked up laughing.

"Thanks you cheering me up" I replied sarcastically

"Your welcome" Tom replies

"Can I see Bailey?" I replied

"Not until they finished questioning Bailey" Jay replies

I started to get a headache so I decided to lie down.

"Are you okay? Do you need anything?" Jay asked worriedly

"I've just got a headache" I replied

"We will go find a nurse" Tom replies

Tom, Siva and Nathan left the room.

"I'm sorry we have to spend our month-versary in a hospital" I replied

"Hey that doesn't matter, all that matters is that you're okay" Jay replies

Jay leans in and kisses me.

"Love you" Jay says

"Love you to" I replies

"Since you don't have a place to stay, why don't you move in with me and the guys?" Jay asked

"I don't want to be a burden on you" I replied

"You won't be, I can kick Siva out of my room and you can sleep in my room" Jay replies

"I don't think Siva would be too happy with me taking his bed" I replies

"I'll have a talk with the others later" Jay replied

My headache got worse. I pulled away from Jay and held my head. A nurse comes in followed by Tom, Siva and Nathan.

"How are you sweetheart?" the nurse replies

"My head feels like it's on fire" I replied

The nurse hands me some medicine.

"Take these and see how you feel" she replies

"Thank you" I replied

"I swollowed the medicine and the nurse smiles and walks off. Max comes back with my clothes.

"Thanks Max" I replied

"No problem" Max replies

"Can I visit Bailey now?" I asked politely

"I think you can" Jay replies

Jay helps me out of bed and holds my hand, just in case I fall over. We walk into Bailey's room. Bailey sees me and smiles.

"How are you feeling?" I asked

"Better" Bailey replies

"Don't do that ever again, you scared me to death" I replied hitting Bailey's arm playfully.

"Sorry" Bailey says rubbing his arm

"So when are you getting out?" I asked

"I think sometime tonight, you?" Bailey replies

"I don't know. What did you tell the police?" I asked

"Um just I woke up to the fire alarm going off, and I was a work last night" Bailey replies

"Great I have work tonight" I replied

"Just call them up and tell them your sick" Bailey replies

"I would but we have that other boss tonight and you know how she is?" I replied

"Yes I do, nobody likes her" Bailey replies

Me headache came back. I closed my eyes so it would go away.

"Daisy are you okay?" Bailey asked

"Yeah I fine" I replied with my eyes closed

"Come on I'll tak you to your room so you can rest" Jay says holding out his hand.

I opened my eyes and grabbed Jay's hand adn we walked back to my room.

"I forgot to ask, don't you have to go to the studio today?" I asked

"No we have to day off" Jay replies

I get into bed and close my eyes. Jay kisses me and sits down on the chair beside my bed.


Jay's POV

Daisy fell asleep so now would be a perfect time to ask the others. Then the nurse comes in.

"So do you know when Daisy can leave?" I asked

"Properly not until tomorrow, since she's getting headaches it wouldn't be right to get her to leave tonight" the nurse replies

"Is it alright is I make a call?" I asked

Sure" she replies

I nodded and got up and left. I rang up Daisy's work to tell them that she's sick and wouldn't be coming in tonight. I saw the lads walking out of Bailey's room.

"I have something to ask" I replied

"What is it?" Tom replies

"I kind of suggested to Daisy to move in with us" I replied

"Well I don't have a problem with it" Max replies

"Neither do I" Tom replies

"Same here" Nathan replies

"Where is she going to sleep?" Siva asked

"I'm hoping that you would move in with Max or Nathan" I replied looking at the floor

"I thought we had a thing" Siva replies crossing his arms

"Well we do have a spare room she could have" Tom replies

"So it's settled then" I asked

They nodded. Will ( Bailey's boyfriend) comes up to us.

"Sorry I just og off work, how's Bailey?" Will asked

"He's doing good, he's right in there" I said pointing to the right.

"Thanks" Will replies

Will walks in and hugs Bailey.

Daisy won't be able to leave until tomorrow, since she's getting the headaches" I replied

We walked back into Daisy's room.

"So should we get her things and move them to our place" Nathan asked

"Sure" Max replies

Max, Tom, Nathan and Siva left for Daisy's apartment to collect her things. Will came in and saw daisy.

"Is Daisy okay?" Will asked

"Yes, she's just resting, um I was thinking, since their apartment is almost in ashes could Bailey move in with you" I asked

"Sure, we already discussed this" Will replies

The doctor comes in.

"Bailey can leave whenever he wants, but Daisy will have to stay the night, so we can work out what's causing her these headaches" the doctor replies

The doctor and Will leave and go next door. Bailey got up and dressed and came in.

"I'll see you around sometime" Bailey replies

"Yeah, I'm gald both of you are safe and sound" I replied

Bailey and Will walk out and leave. Max, Tom, Nathan and Siva came back.

"We've got everything that wasn't burnt in the fire, so we better head off" Max replies

I nod and kiss daisy on the head.

"See you tomorrow" I replied

We walked out of the room and went back to London.

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