Beautiful Thing (Jay Mcguiness Love Story)

Daisy Dale has been Max Geroge's best friend since they were little, when Max introduced Daisy to the other member on The Wanted, Jay and Daisy became very close now they have been dating for 6 months and nothing can break them apart.


2. The Fire

Daisy's POV

I woke up to the fire alarm going off. I got up still in my pjs and quickly ran downstairs to the kitchen. Everything was covered in smoke.

"Bailey, Bailey" I yelled

Bailey and I are housemates. I started coughing making my way to find Bailey. I saw a figure lying on the fround. I walked over to it and saw that it was Bailey. I grabbed my phone and dialled emergency.

"Hello, my name is Grace Yelts, what is your emergency?" Grace asked
" my apartment's on fire and my flat mate is unconscious" I replied in-between coughing.
"Oh right an ambulance and fire engine are on their way, what is your name, where abouts do you live and what number?" Grace replies
"My name is Daisy, um....14 Autum Drive Manchester" I replied gasping for air.

I collapsed on the floor with the phone still in my hand.

"Hello, Daisy are you still there, Hello?" Grace replies.


Jay's POV

Oh my god today is mine and Daisy's 6 month-versary. I woke up extremly happy. I finally get to see her. Tom's in the kitchen currently making breakfast. Nathan's taking forever in the shower, while Max, Siva and I are in the lounge.

"Come and get it" Tom yells

Max, Siva and I ran into the kitchen and started eating. About 10 minutes later Nathan comes out of the shower and comes into the kitchen.

"About time Nath" I replied

"Sorry, so are we going, it's going to take 3 hours to get there" Nathan replies

We finished eating and made our way to Max's car. Once Max was in we headed off to Manchester. 3 hours later we finally made it to Manchester.


Daisy's POV

Bailey and I were still unconscious. The door was finally knocked down by the fire officers. I felt myself being lifted up onto a stretcher and a mask put over my mouth and nose so I could breath. The next thing I knew is that Bailey and I were brought outside. I heard a car pull up at our street I was put into the back of the ambulance.

"Oh god is she okay, what about Bailey?" a Bolton accent asked a paramedic.

"We don't know, until we get them check out" a paramedic replies.

"Do you know what happened?" a Manchester accent asks

"We don't know until we check the house" a fire officer replies coming over.

"Is it alright if I go with her?" a Notthingham accent replies

"What relation are you?" a paramedic replies

"I'm her boyfriend" a Nottingham accent replies

"Sure" a paramedic replies

"Meet us at the hospital" a Notthingham accent replies.

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