Beautiful Thing (Jay Mcguiness Love Story)

Daisy Dale has been Max Geroge's best friend since they were little, when Max introduced Daisy to the other member on The Wanted, Jay and Daisy became very close now they have been dating for 6 months and nothing can break them apart.


14. The Advise

Still Daisy's POV

The next morning, I woke up still in Jay's arms. Jay stirs and wakes up.

"Morning bab, how are you?" Jay askd

"A little bit sore, but otherwise great" I replid

I got up and picked out some clothes for today. Jay puts his arms around my waist and kisses my neck.

"Jay I need a shower, then I need to gt to work" I giggled

"Can I join?" Jay asks

"If you want" I replied

"Really" Jay replies

"No" I chuckled

I got out of Jay's grasp and went for a shower. After I shower I went downstairs. Made everyone breakfast. I made Jay some pancakes while other got pancakes, bacon and eggs. I made myself some toast. Jay comes into the kitchen and his face lits up.

"You made all this" Jay asks

I nodded and kissed Jay.

"I have to get going, I'll see you at 4. What do you want for dinner, I'll bring it home" I asked

"Um, I'll have a vegetarian burger and get the others some pizza" Jay replies

"Okay" I replied


I covered my ears. Then everyone comes racing down the stairs.

"Good morning boys, look at the time I have to go" I replied

I kissed Max, Tom, Nathan and Siva on the cheek. Then pecked Jay's lips.

"Don't go" Jay whines

"I have to, I'll be home before you know it" I replied

I walked out of the door and towards my car, I drove to Holisters. I walked in and saw Bailey upset.

"Ba what's wrong?" I asked walking up to him

"It's Will" Bailey whispers

"How about in my break we talk?" I asked

"Sure, I'd like that" Bailey replies

I hugged Bailey and got to work. I stood behind the counter today. Half an hour later I saw 5 lads and 3 girls walk into the store. I shock my head and laughed, you can guess who walked in.

"Hello dear, where can I get a nice looking jacket?" someone asked

"Um...Jay, you know exactly where they are, but I'll show you" I replied

I shock my head head and giggled.

"Bailey you're now on register" I yelled

"Okay Daisy" Bailey replies

I showed Jay different types and colours.

"Anything in particular?" I asked

"No no these would do, thank you" Jay replies

"You're welcome, I have a break in 20 minutes" I replied

"I'll see you in 20 minutes then" Jay replies

Jay walked up to the counter and paid, then they walked out. 20 minutes later...

"Heather, Bailey and I are taking our break onw" I repied

"Okay sweetie" Heather replies

Bailey and I walked out.

"So what happened with Will?" I asked

"I feel like he's cheating on me" Bailey replies with a tear sliding down his cheek.

I hugged Bailey.

"What makes you think he's cheating on you?" I asked

"Every night he comes home late, and in the morning he completely ignores me" Bailey sobbed

"Well you can have a chat to Will to find out. And if so, there are plentyof fish in the sea" I replied

"Thank you Daisy" Bailey replies

"Come on I'll buy you a coffee" I replied

Bailey and I got up. I got my phone out.

To: Jaybird
Taking Bailey to get a coffee, he's upset, if you want meet us at Starbucks
From: Daisymybabe

I put my phone away and got in my car and drove to Starbucks. We walked in and ordered a caramel latte and a hot chocoate. Bailey and I sat at a table.

"Thanks Daisy, you always know how to cheer up a person" Baiey replies

"It's my job" I chuckled

The bell on the door went ding and 8 people came in. They walked up to or table and sat down.

"A caramel latte and a hot chocolate" a boy replies

"I got it" Bailey replies

Bailey got up and grabbed the drinks, and handed me my drink.

"Shit, Bailey we have to go" I replied

I kissed Jay and we left and went back to work. When we got there we had a minute to spare. I let out a sigh and got back to work. At 2:30 Bailey's shift was over.

"I'll see you later Daisy" Bailey says

"Okay, see ya" I replied

Bailey walked out.

"Only an hour and a half left" I said to myself

My shift was finally over. I said goodbye to Heather and went to pick up dinner for the lads and myself. When I got home.

"I brought dinner" I yelled walking into the lounge.

I sat down and Jay came flying down the stairs.

"Yay your home" Jay says.

Jay jumps on me and starts kissing me on the lips. Soon we heard a cough. Jay and I pulled away.

"Yes" I said

"Nothing, we just wanted you to stop snogging" Tom replies

I grabbed mine and Jay's dinner and handed it to Jay.

"Only a month to go, until you become Mrs McGuiness" Max replies

"It's come so fast, I just wish my parents were here so my dad could walk me down the aisle" I reply

"They wil always be with you" Jay replies

I hugged Jay and laid my head on his shoulder.

"Tired babe?" Jay asked

"I've been at work for 7 hours and ony had one break, which was only for 20 minutes because we were flat out" I yawned

Jay kisses my forehead.

"I'm going for a shower" I replied

I got up and went for a shower, After my shower I fell asleep on my bed straight away.

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