Beautiful Thing (Jay Mcguiness Love Story)

Daisy Dale has been Max Geroge's best friend since they were little, when Max introduced Daisy to the other member on The Wanted, Jay and Daisy became very close now they have been dating for 6 months and nothing can break them apart.


5. Surprise

Still Daisy's POV

After we ate, we got back in the car and drove off to London. Kelsey turned on the radio and Lose my Mind was almost finished playing.

"if heartache was a physical pain, I could face it, I could face it, but you're hurting me from inside of my head, I can't take, I'm gonna lose my mind, I'm gonna lose my mind" I sung

"You really good Daisy" Kelsey replies

"Pfft no I'm not" I replied

We pulled up to the studio, Kelsey stopped the car and we walked into the studio.

"Excuse me what level is The Wanted on?" I asked

"Level 2 room 1" the receptionist replies

"Thank you" I replied

I smiled and we walked off. We got into the lift.

"How are we going to surprise them?" I asked

"Well Jayne's properly got them in the recording booth, so we could sit in the longe area. Once they come out we hide and surprise them that way" Kelsey replies

"Not bad, not bad at all Kels" I replied

We stepped out of the lift and walked to them room. No one was in so our plan was underway. My phone started ringing.

"Ello" I replied
"Oh my god Daisy, I just heard are you okay?" Jess asked
"Why hello Jess, yes I'm alright, I just got out of hospital like 3 hours ago" I replied
"That's good" Jess replies
"The girls and I are surprising the guys, so I'm going to have to hang up okay" I replied
"Yeah okay, I'm glad your okay" Jess replies

I hung up and we heard a loud noise. Kelsey, Michelle, Nareesha and I got up and hid somewhere dark.

"Good session wouldn't you boys say" Tom replies

The boys nodded and walked in the room.

"I'll go first, then Michelle, then Nareesha and then you" Kelsey whispered

Kelsey popped up and all the lads except tom saw Kelsey. Kelsey pt her finger on her lip. The lads nodded. Kelsey poked Tom and Tom jumped. Tom trned around and saw Kelsey.

"Hey babe" Tom says

Kelsey mentions Michelle to come out of hiding. Luckily Max had his baxk turned. Michelle jumped on Max.

"Hey gorgeous" Max replies

Michelle mentions Nareesha to to come up. Naressha comes out of hinding and screams in Siva's ear. Siva jumps and turns to see Nareesha. Siva shakes his head.

"I love you" Siva replies

"Love you to" Nareesha replies

Nareesha mentions for me to come out of hiding. I see Jay sitting on the opposite couch. I crawl over to there and pop up. I put my finger on my lips. Everbody nods. I cover Jay's eyes.

"I love you" I said in a French accent

Jay moves my hands and turns his head to see me. Jay gets up and kisses me.


Jay's POV

We had to be at the studio at 10am, so we all rushed breakfaast because some of us got hammered last night. We got into Tom's cat and drove to the studio.

"What time is Daisy supposed to come out of hospital?" Siva asked

"Not sure" I replied

"Does Jess even though?" Nathan asked

"I don't think so mate" Tom replies

Nathan got out his phone.

To: Jess
I don't know if you knw, but yesterday Bailey and Daisy were sent to hospital because their apartment caught on fire xx
From: Nath

We got to the studio and Jayne told us to go into the recording booth straight way. We did as we were told. After about 2 hours of singing we took a little break. Then got back to it. It was getting around 2-2:30 when we finished. We walked back to the lounge area to cool off. Out of nowhere Kelsey pops up and tells us to be quiet. She scares Tom and we crack up laughing.

"Hey babe" Tom replies

Then Michelle comes out of nowhere and jumps on Max.

"Hey gorgeous" Max replies

Then Nareesha comes out of nowhere and screams in Siva's ear. Siva jumps and turns to see Nareesha.

"I love you" Siva replies

"Love you to" Nareesha replies

Then I feel a pair of hands over my eyes.

"I love you" someone says in a French accent.

I remove the hands and turn to see Daisy. I jump uo and kiss her.

"I love you babe" I reply

"Love you to darling" Daisy replies

"So about the house thing, I've talked to the lads about it and you are welcome to have the spare room" I said

"I don't want to intrude" Daisy replies

"You won't be" Max replies

"I don't know, what about my stuff?" Daisy replies

"We kind of packed everything last night and moved it to our apartment" I replied

Daisy sighs and nods her head.

"Yay" the boys say in sync


Daisy's POV

So it looks I'm moving in with the lads. I got a text from Bailey saying that he moved in with Will. All of us are sat down on the couch. Jayne walks in.

"Boys you are free to go, oh hi Daisy, I hope your feeling better" Jayn replies

"Yeah I'm feeling better" I replied

Jayne walks out and we are free to leave. We got in Tom's car adnd I sat on Jay's lap.

"Hey beautiful" Jay says

"Hey handsome, did you manage to get my guitar from my room?" I asked

"Yeah we did" Max replies

"What about my car?" I asked

"Yes it's in our driveway" Tom replies

"Thanks" is all I said

We got to the house. I got out first, so the others could get out. Jay laces his fingers in-between my fingers, we walked inside. Jay shows me to my room. I close my door and I start to kiss Jay. I pulled away from Jay.

"I love you don't ever forget that" I replied

"I won't" Jay replies

We made our way downstairs.

"Do you want a cuppa?" Jay asks

"Sure thanks babe" I replied

I walked into the lounge and sat next to Nathan.

"So how are you Nath?" I asked

"I'm good and you?" Nathan replies

"Never been better" I replied

Jay comes in the lounge with two teas.

"Here babe" Jay replies

"Thanks darling" I replied

"Um how about a date tonight" Jay asks

"I would love that" I replied kissing Jay's cheek.

"Dress formal" Jay replies

"And be ready by?" I asked

"7:45" Jay replies

Kelsey, Michelle and Nareesha got up. Kelsey grabbed my hand and took me up to my room. I put the dress that the girls fell in love with on. Kelsey did my hair and Michelle did my make up. Once the girls finished it was 7:35pm.

"You ready?" Kelsey asked

"ready as I'll ever be" I replied

Tom and Max come in the room. And their mouths drop to the floor.

"Close your mouths or you'll catch flies" Naressha replies

Tom and Max cleared their throats.

"Right Jay is almost finished getting ready" Tom replies

I nod and we made our way down to the lounge. Nathan and Siva turn and see me all dressed up.

"If this relationship doesn't work out, I'm always avaiable" Nathan replies

"In your dreams buddy" I replied laughing

Just as it was getting on 7:45 Jay comes downstairs. Jay looks up and smiled.

"Why hello Miss" Jay says

"Why hello to you to handsome" I replied

"Shall we?" Jay replies

"We shall" I replied

I grabbed Jay's hand and we walk outside.

"Be nice" Max replies


I crack a smile, I 'm glad these lads are my best friends and make me feel happy, whenever I'm feeling down. Jay opens the car door.

"Why thanks you young man" I replied

"Your welcome my dear" Jay replies

Jay closes the door and gets in the drivers side. Jay drives us to our destination. When we get there Jay stops the car. Gets out and opens my door. Once I get out I close the door the door and we walk into the restaurant.

"Do you have a reservation?" the person asked

"Yes under McGuiness" Jay replies

"Oh right yes table for 2, right this way" he replies

He showed us our table.

"The waiter will be with you momentarily" he replies

Jay and I sit down. Jusy then the waiter comes up.

"Hello what drinks would you like?" he asked

"I'll just get a coke" I replied

"And I'll have the same" Jay replies

"Okay what food would you like?" he asked

"Um I'll get a large garden salad" I replied

"And I'll get a vegetarian lasagne" Jay replies

"Okay I'll be right back with your drinks" he replies

The waiter walks off.

"You know I was really worried about you yesterday" Jay replies

"I know I could tell from your facial expression" I replied

"We have a tour coming up in the next few month" Jay replies

"Really I happy for you" I replied with a hint of sadness

"It's only for a couple of weeks" Jay replies

"I know I'm really happy for you and the lads, just don't do anything stupid" I replied

Our drinks came.

"Thank you" I said

 The waiter smiled and walked off.

"Are you going to be okay on your own?" Jay replies

"Yeah, I have work and the girls" I replied

20 minutes later our food came and we started eating. After Jay paid for the bill we went back to the house. When we walked in the others weren't in the lounge, so I'm guessing they were all in bed. We made or way upstairs. I stopped at my bedroom door.

"Goodnight I had a great night" I said

"Me too" Jay replies

I kissed Jay on the lips and pulled back.

"See you tomorrow morning" Jay replies

"You betcha" I replied

I opened my door and got changed for bed. Went into the bathroom and took off my make up and went to bed.  


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