Beautiful Thing (Jay Mcguiness Love Story)

Daisy Dale has been Max Geroge's best friend since they were little, when Max introduced Daisy to the other member on The Wanted, Jay and Daisy became very close now they have been dating for 6 months and nothing can break them apart.


8. Getting better

Daisy's POV

The next day I was feeling a bit better but not 100% more like 85%. I woke up and saw Jay asleep next to me. I moved over and kissed Jay on the lips. Jay wakes up in an nistinct.

"Morning babe, how are you feeling?" Jay asked

"I'm feeling a bit better, but not 100%" I replied

"Okay, go shower and then come back to bed" Jay replies

"Actually after I'm going down to the lounge" I replied

I got up and picked out the clothes what I'm going to wear today amd went for shower. After my shower I went back into my room and got my blanket and walked down to the lounge and laid down.

"Do you want a drink babe?" Jay asked coming downstairs

"Not right now, but thank you" I replied

Tom and Max came down to the lounge. I sat up so Tom and Max could sit down.

"How are you feeling?" Max replies

"Only 85% better than I was yesterday" I replied

Jay comes back with 3 mugs and sat down on the floor.

"Jay could you get my phone for me, it's on my beside table" I asked

"Sure babe" Jay replies getting up

Jay went into my room, and got my phone and came back down and gave it to me.

"Thanks" I replied

"What are you doing?" Tom asked

"Ringing work, because I have start in 2 hours" I replied

I dialled work.

"Hello Daisy" my boss Heather replies
"Hey Heather" I replied
"What can I do for you?" Heather asked
"Um you'll need to find someone to cover my shift today" I replied
"You still not feeling right" Heather asked
"No I'm not, but I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday" I replied
"Okay sweetheart, I'll cover you shift for you today, get better soon" Heather replies
"Let's hope so" I replied

I hung up and put my phone on the table.

"Lucky Heahter is working today or I would have to work today" I replied

"You can't be pushed to work if your not feeling well" Jay replies

"Yeah, but Megan doesn't let anyone have the day off. I had to get Bailey to convice her to let me have the day off" I replied

"So that's why nobody likes her" Max replies

"You got it" I replied

Nathan and Siva come downstairs and they sit on the florr with Jay.

"How are you feeling this morning" Siva asked

"Bit better but not 100%" I replied

"Does anyone want a cuppa?" Nathan asked

"Already had one" Tom, Max and Jay reply

Nathan nods and goes into the kitchen to make him and Siva a cuppa.

"Hey I've been meaning to ask, what did you do before you went to work the otehr day?" Jay asked

"Well I woke up had a shower, left you a note and went to Starbucks to get a hot chocolater and a double choc muffin, then went to work. And about half an hour later I was feeling really sick" I replied

"Are you allergic to anything?" Tom asks

"Not that I know of" I replied

"Just one question, who severed you at Starbucks?" Jay asked

"Um....he was a young boy around 16-17" I replied

Nathan comes back in the lounge and hands Siva his tea,

"So your saying, that half an hour into your shift you were feeling sick" Nathan replies

"Yeah, it was after Bailey got all pissed off about something" I replied

"I'm feeling like a drink, do you guys want to come to Starbusck?" Jay asks

"I'm not in the mood to go out" I whined

"But you can spot the boy that served you" Tom replies.

I rolled my eyes. I got up and went to put my shoes on, and went into the car and sat with Jay. While Tom sat in the passenger seat and Max in the driver seat. 10 minutes later we were at Starbucks. Unfortunately he wasn't working.

"Guys he's not working today" I repled

"Alright does anyone want anything" Jay replies

"I'll try a hot chocolate" I replied

"Be right back babe" Jay replies kissing my cheek.

I started to feel dizzy, I st down on a chair.

"Daisy are you okay?" Max replies

"Just a little dizzy" I replied

Jay comes out with two take away cups. Jay hands me one and I smile.

"When we get home straight to bed missy" Max replies

"Yes dad" I replied

We walked to the car and went home. Once we were home I walked in. Got my blanket and headed upstairs.

"How was Starbucks?" Nathan chuckled

"Funny, but he wasn't working" Jay replies

"And to top if off, Daisy wasn't feeling too well" Tom replies

The lads stayed down in the lounge, while I fought my sleep. About half an hour later I finally fell asleep. At 5 I heard my beroom door open.

"Hey babe dinner" Jay replies shaking me.

I opened my eyes. I got out of bed and went down with Jay to the kitchen.

"What are we having?" I asked

"You and Jay are having veggie burgers while we have hamburgers" Tom replies

After dinner Jay and I were cuddling together on the couch.

"What do you want to watch?" Max asked

"Avatar" Jay and I say together

"No" the others reply

"But I'm sick" I replied using my puppy dog eyes

Tom and Max roll their eyes and Tom puts the movie in and sat back down against my legs.

"Hey Tom" I replied

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Tom replies

"The same as this morning" I replied

Jay hugged me and kisss my forehead.

"I love you" Jay replies

"Love you to babe" I replied

After we finished watching Avatar we started watching IT. Towards the end of the movie, I fell asleep on Jay's chest.

"Night babe, feel better tomorrow" Jay whispers in my ear

Jay lifts my head. Gets up and picks me up and takes mee to my room, Tucks me in and goes back to the lounge, Towards the third mobie the lads fell asleep.











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